Voxi's SIM only deals come with unlimited social media and streaming from £12/pm

When it comes to choosing your next SIM plan, there is a lot of choice out there - and yet the network Voxi is standing out from the rest for those who power through hours of streaming and social media.

That's because across all but one of its SIM only deals, Voxi is offering unlimited use of social media and streaming apps. That includes Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and more.

On top of that, all of Voxi's deals operate on 1-month rolling contracts. This means you can leave at any time if you spot a better deal - perfect for when Black Friday approaches this year.

Two of Voxi's offers are particularly tempting - its 12GB for £12 a month offer and the more expensive 45GB for £20. Both options are 5G-enabled, include free roaming in 47 countries and offer the endless use of social media and streaming apps.

Voxi's budget SIM only deals:

SIM only plan from Voxi | 1 month rolling | 12GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £12 per month
One of Voxi's cheapest deals, this plan rewards you with 12GB of data while only charging £12 a month. While that is a good SIM plan, other networks offer more data for that price. However, where Voxi gets the upper-hand is in its endless offerings. This deal includes unlimited use of both social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and streaming apps including YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

SIM only plan from Voxi | 1 month rolling | 45GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £20 per month
If you like the idea of the plan above but feel like you'll need more data, this second offer could be the perfect solution. It will only cost you £20 a month but that price secures you a massive 45GB of data. That's on top of the unlimited use of both streaming and social media apps.

Why choose a Voxi SIM only deal?

As we mentioned above, Voxi has a number of benefits that help it stand out. Most obvious is its 'endless' push. This includes endless use of social media apps (no matter what your data cap is), endless roaming in other countries, endless calls and texts, and endless flexibility (1-month rolling contracts).

On top of that, Voxi has recently started offering an endless video add-on. This applies in the same way as the social media option, giving you unlimited usage of YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, and more. You can pay an extra fee to get this or upgrade to a more expensive plan.

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