Ubisoft reveals upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard

Rainbow Six Siege is set to get a new season at the end of this month and the developers at Ubisoft have announced the upcoming operation for Year 6 Season 3 would be called Crystal Guard.

This was announced by the developers ahead of the full season reveal of the new operation that will take place at the end of this week. The announcement comes in the form of a GIF that was posted on the social media handles of Rainbow Six. 

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The GIF seems to tease an operator in a crystalized form wearing a pair of sunglasses. And the text on the tweet reads the "best view is crystal clear" with a diamond emoji following this. This could indicate that the upcoming operator would have a shield of some sort that would be made out of a material that would make it clear to see through. Or it could also refer to a glass protection of some kind considering the bulletproof glass was reworked as part of Y6S2. This seems plausible since the GIF shows some pieces of glass flying here and there.

The next season's operator is set to be an attacker which could also mean that we are looking at an operator that would have a special observation tool or other intel-gathering device at their disposal. 

Recent leaks have suggested that the operator for Y6S3 could be called Osa who would come with Talon-8 shield that can be destroyed. This could indicate that this would work as a shield but can be broken like the rehashed bulletproof glass. 

This would be in line with the hint of the unfettered line of sight that the new official tweet confirmed while working as a protective layer in reference to the word 'Guard' in the operation name itself. 

Another theory would be that the operator comes with special sunglasses like those of warden that some manner of x-ray vision. This is a wild theory at best and has no bearing on any leaks or information that has been outed as of yet. And since these are all unverified information we would suggest that the readers take these with a pinch of salt. 

Besides this the new season will not be introducing any new maps or a full map rework as well, but is said to consist of smaller map reworks. 

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