Sony PS5 next restock date set for August 26

The Sony PlayStation 5 has now been available in India at regular intervals in the past few months, and now the upcoming pre-order date has also been revealed on Sony's own ShopatSC website. 

The Sony PS5 is set to go for pre-orders on August 26 according to the updated device page on the ShopatSC website. This would indicate that the pre-booking will also go live on other retail online stores. 

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Rs 49,990 | Digital Edition: Rs 39,990

According to a report by NDTV, this time around, the Sony Digital edition will also be available on Vijay Sales along with the Standard edition of the PS5. Previously the PS5 Digital Edition was only available for purchase on ShopatSC. While this was only confirmed by Vijay Sales, it could be possible that other retailers will also be getting stocks of the PS5 digital edition for sale. 

The last PS5 pre-orders took place a month back on July 26, and following the trend, all units sold out within minutes. And now a month after that, we can't expect stocks to last longer than we have seen previously. 

The console is expected to be made available on Amazon, Flipkart, Games The Shop, Vijay Sales, Prepaid Gamer Card, Croma, and Game Loot. But these websites don't have any mentions of the upcoming pre-booking. The standard edition of the PS5 costs Rs 49,990 while the Digital Edition costs Rs 39,990.

During the last pre-booking Sony made the Dualsense Controllers in Cosmic Red and Midnight Black colours available as well. There are no differences in terms of specifications between the regular white DualSense Controller and the Cosmic Red or the Midnight Black one. The differences are purely skin deep. That said the Cosmic Red variant is priced at Rs 6,390 while the Midnight Black varaint is priced at Rs 5,990 which is the same as the regular white coloured controller. Both of these were available on Sony's own ShopatSC website and we can expect them to be available this time as well.

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