Rainbow Six Siege's next operator is Osa

After the recent reveal of the upcoming operation for Year 6 Season 3 called Crystal Guard, Ubisoft has now announced that the upcoming operator is Osa who is an attacker joining Team Rainbow. 

The new attacker's full name is Anja “Osa” Janković who hails from Croatia and like some previous guesses we made, in bringing a new shield to the game. Ubsoft shared a teaser showing the new operator as well which also gives us a small look at the upcoming gadget. 

Ubisoft's description of the new operator goes like this, "Anja “Osa” Janković, trained in electromechanics, military engineering, and a robotics genius. Recruited into Nighthaven right out of university." This provides some insight into the kind of role Osa will play in Team Rainbow. She is the fifth Nighthaven operator after Kali, Wamai, Ace, and Aruni to join Team Rainbow. 

Osa's gadget seems to be a shield that can be placed much like the Deployable Shield secondary gadget that defenders have. But this shield seems to be completely transparent and bulletproof. Plus when it is placed it extends on the sides as well to provide protection over a wider area like Monty's does. 

The other interesting fact we noticed is that the new bullet-proof glass shield seemed to be placed on what appears to be a window of sorts. This could indicate that like the deployable shield this can be placed on doors and windows.

The shield cracks when it is being shot at which could indicate that it may not be as durable as Mira's mirrors which don't get cracks when shot at, but need to be meleed for that to happen. Meleeing the new shield should crack it like the other bulletproof glass does according to the Y6S2 update.

Osa in her monologue is categorizing herself as more a gadget person than a skilled on-field operator. This means Mira could have competition when it comes to gadgets in Team Rainbow now. The full season reveal of the Year 6 Season 3 update is scheduled for August 16 which is when we expect to see more details about Osa and her gadget.

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