Mag Safe-like Realme MagDart wallet shown off in leaked renders

Though it is already known that the Chinese smartphone maker Realme is going to be the first one on the Android side of the world to introduce a magnetic charging solution, the company has ensured that from the branding of the tech to the charger is heavily “inspired” by Apple.

Following the lead from Apple, Realme will also introduce MagDart ecosystem accessories. The first such product is an imitation of the MagSafe Wallet accessory. And no surprise for guessing, Realme will call it MagDart Wallet.

A popular leaker OnLeaks along with 91Mobiles have come up with renders that show the features and design of the MagDart Wallet. While the leaks suggest that Realme might come up with other similar accessories once the phone with MagDart is released, it also gives us a closer look at the phone - Realme Flash.

Let's first talk about the MagDart Wallet. As we’ve mentioned above the company has made deliberate attempts to make the product similar to the MagSafe accessory, it can house up to three credit cards and can be magnetically attached to the phone. Additionally, this wallet has an Aluminum kickstand built-in that can help keep the phone upright for your video calls or hands-free multimedia consumption.

The leak shows a white coloured MagDart Wallet along with a silver-coloured smartphone, however, since Realme phones are available in various colours, it is safe to assume that the wallet will also be available in multiple colour options.

Realme MagDart Wallet

(Image credit: 91Mobiles)

Let us talk about Realme Flash, the first Android phone with a magnetic charging solution. The leaks show that the phone will house a triple rear camera sensor with a largish dual-tones LED flash placed in a horizontal position.

The camera setup is placed in a now-common rectangular camera island located on the top left corner of the phone and the phone will at least be available in a silver colour option. While the internals are not yet known, the phone could be Realme’s next flagship and expect it to be launched at a premium price point.

Can Realme crack the code?

Now that Realme will unveil MagDart tech in an event later today, we will get to know about Realme’s vision behind this tech, its accessories and hopefully about the phone as well. Though Realme has stated that its MagDart solution will offer faster charging than Apple’s MagSafe solution, it is not just about developing and unveiling the product.

The biggest challenge lies in implementing the solution. Since Apple launches a handful of phones and has a way better control on its ecosystem including the software, it has been able to offer a seamless experience by integrating MagSafe deep into iOS.

Realme, on the other hand, is exactly on the opposite end of the spectrum and launches way more phones in a year than you can count on your fingers, it will boil down to how good Realme’s implementation is and how many phones it introduces equipped with MagDart.

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