Looking for an O2 SIM only deal? These giffgaff offers are the perfect alternative

Looking to switch to a new SIM only deal? If you're looking for something that is both affordable and flexible, giffgaff could be the perfect way to go, especially if you're a fan of the O2 network.

As an MVNO that operates on O2's network, giffgaff receives the same coverage, speeds, and performance as O2...but at a lower price point. The network also has the benefit of operating on 1-month rolling contracts, meaning you can leave at any time.

Giffgaff has a few SIM only deals to choose from, but it's the 'golden goody bags that shine brightest. Go for the most affordable option, and you'll pay only £10 for 10GB of data, or a small jump in price lands you 25GB for £15 instead.

All of these golden offers are both 4G and 5G ready, meaning those with handsets like the iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S21 will be able to access 5G where giffgaff offers it.

It is worth mentioning that, while it's not a 5G network and would see you change over to the Three network, Smarty Mobile's 50GB plan also operates on rolling contracts and is stiff competition at £12.

SIM only deals: giffgaff's flexible bargains

SIM only plan from giffgaff | 1 month rolling | 9GB 10GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £10 a month
The cheapest of giffgaff's Golden Goodybags, this SIM plan comes with 10GB (boosted from 9GB). That will only cost you £10 a month, and thanks to the flexible contract, you won't be tied into a contract that requires you to fulfill a certain amount of time. While this will be enough data for light phone users, the below might be better for most.

SIM only plan from giffgaff | 1 month rolling | 25GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £15 a month
This offer will see your payments rise to £15 a month, but that price will secure you a higher 25GB of data. That will mean hours of streaming and gaming, some strong social media usage, and general use of daily apps without worrying about hitting your cap any time soon.

SIM only plan from giffgaff | 1 month rolling | 100GB data | unlimited calls and texts | £20 a month
If you know, you'll be powering through loads of data on a monthly basis, this will likely be the best SIM from giffgaff for you. It will cost you £20 a month, but for that price, you'll secure a whopping 100GB of data. That's plenty, even for the most avid downloaders, streamers and gamers.

Why go for giffgaff? 

As a brand, giffgaff has been around for a while now. It has been operating for 12 years, and a quick look at its TrustPilot 4.3 stars review will show it's well approved by customers.

It is one of the few MVNOs that operates on the O2 network, and like a few other big names like Voxi and iD Mobile, it operates on 1-month rolling contracts allowing you to leave at any time.

Relatively recently, giffgaff also became a 5G network, and across all of the plans mentioned above, 5G will be included at no extra cost.

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