Google Pixel 6 design inspired by Google Stadia, apparently

When the Google Pixel 6 was unveiled, the company provided little actual information about the phone and its Pro sibling, and we've been stretching deep to try and fill in the blanks. Just a day after Android 12 provided some information on the camera specs, Google has teased something else.

In response to a tweet pointing out that each color version of the Pixel 6 corresponded with a color option for the Google Stadia Controller, the official Made By Google twitter account (used for the company's hardware) replied "The family resemblance is uncanny."

That's an odd thing for Google to post, but it more or less confirms that Google chose the colors for the devices to fit into its existing product ecosystem.

While companies opting to use consistent colors for various products is nothing new, it's not something we've seen Google do much of before. The Pixel 5 came in black and a murky green color, while the 4a and 4a 5G both only came in black, and while previous products from the company have sometimes come in more interesting shades, we rarely see consistency between product families.

Does this mean we'll see more consistency in colors from Google Pixel products in the future? Well, commenting on that would be a stretch, but its nice to see the company think about design more (and offer phones that aren't a boring black).

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Analysis: could the Pixel 5a match up?

It seems Google has started to care about product design a bit more - that's not just reflected in the colors of its Pixel 6 phones, but their shapes in general, which are a bit more interesting than the generic 2020 devices.

So could the Pixel 5a, the anticipated budget take on the late-2020 Pixel 5, follow suite with its big sibling, or with the upcoming devices?

We'd hope it's the latter, but it's much more likely the former. Not only do leaks suggest as much, but rumors suggest the Pixel 5a was intended to launch quite a while back, but was delayed for ambiguous reasons. So while the Pixel 5a will be a contemporary of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, it could still be considered a blast from the past for phone fans.

That means we might see the cameras crammed up in one corner of the device, and perhaps only one color option too - likely black, given the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G only came in that shade.

We'll happily be proven wrong whenever the Pixel 5a shows up, but until then we'd suggest you don't expect Pixel 6-like design.

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