Free Fire OB29 update patch notes: New characters and weapons

Free Fire from Garena has a new update coming up which is numbered Free Fire OB29 update. The patch notes of the new update is out which shows that the new update will usher in the 4th anniversary of the game. 

The patch notes reveal that the new update will bring with it new characters, Sensei Tig pet, a weapon, 4th-anniversary date, and more. The update will be released earlier but the new update will be playable as soon as the maintenance of the servers end. 

Free Fire OB29 update: Details

The new update will bring with it a new mode called Lone Wolf which will be available in Free Fire on August 5th on the Iron Cage map. Free Fire Clash Squad Season 8 will start on August 5 and players will receive ‘Golden AN94’ for achieving a rank of Gold III and above.

Players will be able to request an item as a new feature which will be made available in Casual and Ranked Clash Squad games. Requested items directly get added to the inventory. Players can now carry backpacks in Clash Squad mode. On to Battle Royale, there's been some Rank points adjustment in the difficulty and increased in rank points output in a game. 

free_fire_survivor_update_august_3rd_2021 from r/freefire

There's a new character joining called Dimitri who has the Healing Heartbeat ability. This creates an effect of a 3.5m healing zone. Inside, users and allies recover 3HP/s. When downed, users and allies can self-recover to get up. The other new character is Thiva with the ability Vital Vibes, which increases the rescue speed. 

Other characters like Jota, Luqueta, Shani, Alvaro have had their abilities reworked. There's a new pet called Sensei Tig whose skill is called Nimble Ninja which reduces the duration of enemies’ man-marking skills.

There's a new weapon being added to the game called, AC80. Other weapons like M4A1, UZI, XM8, SPAS12, Vector, M1887 have seen adjustments made to them. Besides these, there have been some changes and adjustments to Gameplay along with bug fixes. 

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