BGMI announces special reward for 50 million downloads

Battlegrounds Mobile India, which is PUBG Mobile in a new suit of clothes, has taken to the Indian mobile gaming void like a fish to water. And it has now been downloaded over 46 million times. 

Krafton posted on the Battlegrounds Mobile India social channels about the special reward for all players on the game reaching 50 million downloads. These posts also mentioned that the company is gearing up to provide players with the new free rewards regardless of the platform they are playing on. 

When BGMI was in the pre-registering phase, the game had managed to garner as many as 20 million early access registrations and 40 million pre-registrations. Hence it is not surprising that the game is to get 50 million downloads in just over one month's time. 

And this is considering that the game is still not available on the iOS platform, which is something players have been constantly been asking about. Krafton has so far been silent in terms of when to expect the iOS version of BGMI. 

But in this post, it seems like Krafton has given a strong hint about the game's release on iOS. The developers wrote on the post, "We are preparing for all Indian players to receive rewards regardless of their OS." This is followed by an apple emoji which is a definite nod at the iOS platform. 

According to App Annie before the ban, half of all PUBG Mobile players were from India. This was at a time when PUBG Mobile had garnered more than 730 million downloads globally. India’s ban of PUBG Mobile shrunk the daily active users of PUBG Mobile by more than half. This means that BGMI has the potential to reach far greater numbers in terms of downloads.

For the record, BGMI had managed to garner 34 million players by July 12 which is 10 days since the launch of the game. The post back then also clarified that the game at that point had 16 million daily active users and 2.4 million peak concurrent players. These numbers have not been updated by Krafton recently, and we could possibly get an update once the game reaches 50 million downloads. 

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