Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version release teased

Battlegrounds Mobile India is off to a strong start, clocking millions of downloads and daily active users in a matter of weeks. The game’s access will finally be extended to iOS users, making it a far more complete experience.

When BGMI was launched in June, it was only available for Android — both in the beta phase as well as the public rollout. While it has already crossed 50 million downloads in India, there was no information on when Apple users would be able to play the game. Months later, Krafton has finally broken its silence around the iOS version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. And if other sources are to be believed, the good news will be with us as early as next week. 

Recently, BGMI posted a teaser on social media with a big metallic question mark where the dot has been replaced with a tweaked Apple logo (presumably for trademark purposes) with the caption “We thought you missed it earlier. So, just wanted to let you know. Stay tuned for more!”

In a separate development, news portal InsideSport states that Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is August 20, citing information leaked via the company’s website. We weren’t able to verify or get a confirmation on this bit, so take it with a grain of salt. However, with a clear teaser out already, iOS support for BGMI shouldn’t be too far now.

With this, Battlegrounds Mobile India will finally offer everything that PUBG Mobile did before getting banned, for a complete multi-player battle royale experience.

For those who missed it, BGMI is a forked version of PUBG Mobile made specifically for India. It retains most of the gaming experience but includes tweaks to make it more suited for the Indian market. These changes include lesser violence and bloodshed, appropriate clothing, local data storage and in-game events that will be tied to real-life occasions in the country. 

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