Redmi K20 Pro gets MIUI 12.5: Read before you update

Xiaomi was long known for making budget and mid-range devices, a tag that the company was proud to be associated with, in its hay days. However, in 2018, to grow as an organization and make space for another sub-brand, Poco, the company desperately needed a device that could help it shed the tag of a budget smartphone maker.

The Redmi K20 Pro is probably the device that gave the company the required confidence and impetus to move towards the premium segment. Not only the Redmi K20 Pro proved to be a success but also became Xiaomi’s one of the most sold devices at that time.

Now the company has rolled out the MIUI 12.5 update based on Android 11 to a select device and despite being a couple of years old device, the Redmi K20 Pro is slated to receive the rollout. Hence, if you’re a Redmi K20 Pro, in all probability, an alert informing about the availability of MIUI V12.5.1.0.RFKINXM would have hit your account.

What does the MIUI V12.5 bring to Redmi K20 Pro? 

Redmi K20 Pro MIUI 1.5

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The latest MIUI 12.5 update for Redmi K20 Pro not only brings Android 11 to the device but also comes with the June 2021 security patch. According to the changelog, the update brings 20 times more rendering power and instant response to gestures.

The company promises that the phone will become faster and responsive than before all thanks to the lighter, faster and durable version of MIUI.

Additionally, the update brings a plethora of updates to the Notes app. Ability to doodling and sketching, better responding to stylus input, composing mind maps with complex structures and a new level of typography are some of the highlights that are mentioned by the company.

Should I update my Redmi K20 Pro to MIUI V12.5? 

While the prospect of getting the latest Android version is exciting, especially given the fact that Android 11 might be the last major OS update that the phone will get. However, there seems to be some bad news for most users who’re looking to update the phone with the shiny new update.

A lot of users who’ve already downloaded and installed this rather heavy 2.3GB update, took to social media to complain about various issues that they’re facing. While some users have claimed that this update is buggy and has slowed down their phone and some suggest that the update is buggy that has ruined the entire experience.

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That said, not all users are facing issues with their devices. Some have indeed reported that their phone has become more responsive than before. This suggests that the above-mentioned issues could be device-specific, however, in case you plan to update your Redmi K20 Pro to Android 11, we would advise you to exercise caution and backup important data before updating 

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