PUBG Mobile and BGMI's latest update adds the Tesla CyberTruck as a drivable vehicle

Tesla has collaborated with PUBG Mobile and BGMI makers Krafton to bring the cars from the company to these two games. Both PUBG Mobile and BGMI have got a selection of cars offered by Tesla to the game including the Model Y, Roadster and the Cybertruck. 

These have been added to the game as part of the Tesla Drift event that is available in the game with the C1S1 update. Tesla boss Elon Musk even tweeted a promo about the Tesla Cybertruck in PUBG Mobile. 

Tesla vehicle skins details

The Tesla X PUBG Mobile event brings the Tesla Model Y, Roadster and the Cybertruck to the games, but users have to participate in the Tesla Drift that was introduced alongside Mission Ignition mode. This new mode will see the map Erangel being transformed into a futuristic version of itself. 

The map in this mode has Tesla Gigafactories installed around it where players can see the Tesla Model Y production from beginning to the end product. These Model Y vehicles can be driven around the map as well and can use the autopilot feature as well. 

A self-driving Tesla Semi will also be spawning in this mode that players can damage to force its supply boxes to drop and obtain combat supplies. As for the Roadster and the Cybertruck, those can be acquired as skins of the Dacia and the Rony. 

Players can unlock these by using UC to play the Tesla Drift event, where they require cards to unlock the different colour skins of the Roadster and the Cybertruck. This is similar to a lucky spin, and once players 'Safe Acceleration' using UC they are provided with the option to do a 'Normal Acceleration' which carries with it the risk of reverting the acceleration to the lowest level. 

The colour options for the Tesla Roadster include Diamond, Digital Waters, and Amethyst, while the colour options for the Cybertruck include Splendid-Silver, Dystopia Blue, and Black Quartz. 

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