Nintendo Switch OLED price: what to expect when the new console lands

The Nintendo Switch OLED price has just been announced at $349.99, with two colorway options on the way. A surprise reveal today unveiled the new OLED model, as well as the release date, price, and white / neon red and blue color options all in one. 

The Nintendo Switch OLED model will release on October 8, 2021.  model has just been announced, with what was formerly known as the Nintendo Switch Pro coming in at a price of $349.99 on release on October 8, 2021. Nintendo published an announcement video today, confirming the new console's existence, release date, and price all in one. 

The new console will sport a 7-inch (you guessed it) OLED display, but features very few upgrades under the hood. You are picking up an upgraded 64GB of internal storage, a new kickstand and a LAN supporting dock however. At $349.99, you're looking at a $50 increase over the previous $299 MSRP of the original Nintendo Switch - not too shabby considering the improved display and additional hardware implements. However, many were expecting more for their cash, with 4K upscaling heavily rumored before today's reveal.

What is the Nintendo Switch OLED price?

The Nintendo Switch OLED price sits at $349.99 right now, and we're still awaiting confirmation for the UK. The MSRP of the original Nintendo Switch model sat at $299 / £279, which means if Nintendo follows suit of its first hybrid console we're looking at a £329 price tag in the UK. 

Previously rumored 4K docked upscaling, Nvidia graphics, and an enhanced CPU were putting estimates at $399 / £379 - a tidy $100 / £100 price increase on the previous model that made a lot of sense. Without these additional features, a $50 / £50 increase is still good going for an OLED display (provided the battery has also been enhanced to keep up and extend over the original launch model), even if we were expecting to see a little more under the hood for our cash here. 

The original Nintendo Switch launched at $299 / £279 and just managed to undercut the PS4 and Xbox One's prices at the time. A Nintendo Switch Pro price would have to maintain this competitive edge, but by focusing on an audience with more income than its usual child-friendly approach Nintendo can start charging prices that sit closer to Sony and Microsoft's offerings. 

Will there be a new Nintendo Switch in 2021?

After months of denial from Nintendo itself, an announcement today has revealed that a new Nintendo Switch is on its way. The Nintendo Switch OLED price has been announced alongside an October release date. Before this, Nintendo had been declining to comment on any recent rumors surrounding a 'Nintendo Switch Pro' hitting the shelves in 2021, despite mounting evidence from dataminers and predictions from industry analysis. 

Will Nintendo Switch 2 game prices rise?

Nintendo had reportedly asked its developers to make upcoming games 4K-ready, adding to rumors that a new console would offer UHD resolution. The announcement itself didn't make any note of this 4K upscaling, but besides that, if this information does prove to be correct, it's worth noting that we're unlikely to see a major price split in the catalog. 

As with the New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo has in the past restricted the list of compatible titles on its new generations. Thankfully, it doesn't look like this will be the case here. Not only would Nintendo be facing pressure from a backward-compatible market in Microsoft and Sony, but developers are (if the rumors prove correct) already working to make sure their current games will run on the new console. 

However, there are more costs associated with a game running at higher specs, and while backward compatible titles may not rise in price, we could see a slight inflation on later releases. 

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