Nintendo Switch OLED announced with bigger screen, smaller bezels but no 4K

Surprise! The Nintendo Switch OLED has been officially announced. Likely to be the console which is behind the myriad of Nintendo Switch Pro rumors, the new Switch OLED will be available to buy from October 8.

Nintendo has also revealed the Switch OLED price, with the refreshed console setting you back $349.99 when it goes on sale. 

That's $50 more than the classic Nintendo Switch, which isn't a great surprise as we'd expect this slightly enhanced version to carry a loftier asking price.

You can watch the Nintendo Switch OLED launch trailer above.

What's new?

Display: 7-inch OLED (up from 6.2-inch LCD on original)
Storage: 64GB (up from 32GB on original)
Weight: .93 lbs (up from .88 lbs on original)
Enhanced Audio
LAN port in dock

Nintendo has drastically reduced the bezels on the new Switch OLED, increasing the screen size to 7 inches (vs 6.2 inches on the original Switch) and - as the name suggests - trading out the LCD panel for a more bright, vibrant and energy efficient OLED offering.


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