India users of Battlegrounds Mobile get three extra days to transfer their PUBG data

When Battlegrounds Mobile India was first announced, Indian players had a valid concern over whether a new game would mean that their progress and investment in terms of time and money into PUBG Mobile accounts would become invalid. 

But those concerns were assuaged with the launch of the game in early access, which showed that Krafton was allowing users to retrieve their PUBG Mobile account data from their game servers. This, however, opened a different can of worms, but Krafton seems to have moved past that now. And quickly! 

While initially, a message was displayed on the early access of the game that the PUBG Mobile account data of Indian players would be retrievable until the end of 2021. This was reviewed by Krafton, which announced that users would have until July 6 to complete the process. 

The launch of the game on July 2 gave users in India effectively four days to recover their old account. This decision to provide a short window of opportunity for players in India by Krafton may have been prompted by the show of force by members of the ruling party in India asking for a ban of the game, based on not just the similarity with PUBG Mobile, but the fact that the game appeared to communicate with servers in China during early access.

Krafton may have taken this cautious step to guard against any challenges following scrutiny by security agencies in India. Which is probably why are shortening the time available for the game to communicate with servers outside the country, especially those that are in China. 

However, it looks like the company now feels that four days was too short a time. So it has now extended the deadline for Indian gamers to retrieve their PUBG Mobile account data by three days to July 9, which is reasonable and would give people some breathing time. 

This was announced on the Battlegrounds Mobile India social media handles by Krafton. And while the game is available on Android devices, iOS users are still waiting on the launch of the game, and there is no clarity on when the last date of retrieving the data would be for them.

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