Huawei P50 Pro camera specs officially revealed for the first time

While the Huawei P50 series doesn't exactly have a boatload of 'buzz' around it - it feels like most phone fans have forgotten all about the once-great company - new information keeps popping up ahead of the July 29 China launch.

Case in point: on Chinese social media platform Weibo, Huawei posted a teaser video for the P50 Pro. While lots of the visuals are just moving versions of pictures we've already seen, a few new ones are used, and savvy watchers have spotted a few hidden details in them.

You see, most premium phones have some of the snappers' specs listed by the lenses, mainly for the purposes of bragging: '100x zoom', '108MP', and so on. As spotted by the video watchers, the Huawei P50 Pro video shows 'VARIO-SUMMILUX-H1:1.8-3.4/18-125ASPH'.

No idea what this means? Well, Vario-Summilux is a type of lens, made by Leica. The reference to 1.8-3.4/18-125 is a reference to the aperture and lens size, so we know the various cameras will have apertures between f/1.8 and f/3.4, and sizes between 18mm (likely an ultra-wide camera) and 125mm (likely a periscope camera). 

Finally, ASPH refers to an aspherical lens, which, when used for wider apertures, takes sharper images and reduces visual issues.

So that gives us a good look at the Huawei P50 Pro's camera array, and it seems the snappers will be well-specced. The 125mm camera will likely hit 5x optical zoom, a distance which some leakers are backing up, and the aspherical lens could really improve snaps for the cameras it's attached to (though there could be more than one - P50 renders show a boatload of cameras).

There's no solid specs written on the phone, and that suggests Huawei may have tapped out of the 'specs race' to use unnecessarily high-resolution cameras, in favor of hardware that actually does the job well.

With a Huawei P50 series launch on July 29, we don't have long to wait to see what the new phones are like. That July 29 event is set for a China-only reveal, so we will have to wait longer to see when the phones will be released in the UK and other countries.

Via ITHome

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