Battlegrounds Mobile India's first tournaments are by Ultimate Battle

With the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India last week, Krafton has yet to announce any tournaments of its own for the game. But that has not stopped a third party esports app called Ultimate Battle to start a series of its own tournaments of Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

These hourly tournaments are being held by Ultimate Battle using Google Play, which rewards players with UB Coins that can be used to get items on BGMI. Ultimate Battle has its own set of leaderboards. 

While similar unofficial tournaments were taking place during the time of PUBG Mobile's presence in India, Ultimate Battle has bee quick on the uptake about Battlegrounds Mobile India. “We'll also be looking into adding BGMI to our flagship tournament All India Esports league (AIEL), which will be launched this month,” says Ultimate Battle founder Tarun Gupta said in a prepared statement.

Krafton is yet to announce any official tournaments of its own, but with it speaking to companies, teams and players, we are certain that it is lining up tournaments of its own to capitalize on bringing back the game to India which has a flourishing PUBG Mobile esports scene. 

The game was launched without any fanfare but Krafton has announced in a new blog-post that the game received 20 million early access registrations and 40 million pre-registrations. These numbers honestly does not come as a surprise considering PUBG Mobile's popularity.

The game went for pre-registration on May 18, and the developers gave it more than a month before it will be launched. But the time from the pre-registration of the game to the launch in early access it was reported that it was communicating with Chinese servers, the reason PUBG Mobile was banned. 

Krafton made some heavy investments in big players in the Indian gaming ecosystem as well in the meantime, which we can only assume is to get a stronger foothold in the market before officially launching BGMI. And now that Krafton has officially launched the game we expect that it has covered all bases so as to prevent a repeat of the past. 

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