Battlegrounds Mobile India July update adds loads of exclusive features

Battlegrounds Mobile India started off as an offshoot of PUBG Mobile, but it is now differentiating itself from the franchise with the next update — and it promises to make the game a lot more fun.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has been available for download for a few weeks now, but all early adopters shared the opinion that it was quite similar to PUBG Mobile. The visuals, weapons, maps, outfits, and almost everything else were shared between the two, which also allowed for easier data migration. But now, Krafton has announced an overhaul for BGMI which will make it more unique and arguably better than its forerunner.

As seen in the video above, the Battlegrounds Mobile India July update (version 1.5) comes with significant changes —  some entirely new, others borrowed from PUBG PC. There are also a few additions that significantly change the gameplay dynamics and how teammates react. It could potentially make the game easier for new players too.

Battlegrounds Mobile India update: July patch notes

The M249 machine gun will now be available in open gameplay instead of drops. It will be replaced by a new MG3 LMG in all maps except Karakin. It consumes 7.62mm bullets and has a clip size of 75. Unlike other weapons which allow switching between single, burst and automatic firing, on the MG3, users will be able to choose the RPM from 660 and 990, offering a toggle between higher accuracy and higher firepower. The only attachment slot is for scopes (up to 6x), but it does have a bipod that deploys while lying down in the prone position to reduce recoil.

A new function that will be seen on Battlegrounds Mobile India for the first time is the ability to throw healing consumables at your teammates. It will be shown in the throwables slot, and seems to include a health kit and bandages upon landing. The maximum throwing range has not been mentioned.

Robot Patrol Dog (Image credit: Krafton)

A limited-time theme will also be added in BGMI called Mission Ignition Mode. Based in a futuristic Erangel, it will include six high-tech locations which are likely to be hot zones for combat. There will be Hyperlines which are like trams to quickly travel to other locations, autonomous semi-trucks (Tesla Semi) roaming around the map which can be destroyed for more loot, a new levitating G-38 Gravity Free Motorcycle which can travel over land and water, a robot Patrol Dog to find high-end supplies, deployable Riot Shields and a new assault rifle in the form of ASM Abakan 

Some much-needed combat changes will also come in the form of sensitivity settings for each gun and sight individually, set preferred attachments for each weapon for auto pick-up, ignore empty/discarded flare guns, not pick up dropped scopes automatically and some other fixes. If a weapon runs out of ammo in the middle of combat, the second gun will automatically be equipped.

Additional graphics options have also been added to better support lower-end devices as well as enable 90fps gameplay on high-end phones

There are also other minor changes and fixes such as glass windows, smarter combat, Royal Pass update cycles, more ranking options, etc.

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