These Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra deals come with up to £150 in cashback

Samsung is no stranger to a good promotion, frequently offering small discounts on specific handsets. However, its latest offer is one of its best, spreading across smartphones, tablets, headphones, and more.

Offering up to £150 back in cashback on a range of devices, Samsung's promotion is a great way to get a discount on key pieces of tech. While it spans a host of devices, the mobile phone deals stand out.

Go for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra deals and you can get £150 back in cashback, effectively paying just £999. That cashback drops to £120 for the S21 Plus or £100 for regular Samsung S21 deals, but on all three devices, these are some of the cheapest prices we've seen yet.

Samsung is also including two A series devices in this offer and if you decide to get two pieces of tech (including the tablets, watches, earbuds etc) you will get an extra £50. That's on top of the two bits of cashback for the devices.

We've picked out the best offers in this promotion and listed them below. Or you can head straight to Samsung to see all of the details in one place.

Save 15% on Samsung phone deals:

Samsung Galaxy S21 | SIM-free | £769 + £100 cashback
The cheapest of Samsung's flagship range, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S21 for just £769. If you take into account both a full value trade-in and the £100 in cashback, you can effectively get the cost of this device all the way down to just £219. That's a pretty ridiculous saving for this device.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus | SIM-free | £949 + £120 cashback
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus offers a slightly larger amount of cashback than the device above, gifting you £120. That alone is an impressive saving but like the above handset, the use of a trade-in scheme can see you save even more. Of course, most will find better value at the regular S21 with similar specs and a much lower price.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra | SIM-free | £1149 + £150 cashback
Samsung's most powerful device, this promotion is an excellent opportunity to save a considerable amount of cash on the S21 Ultra. With the £150 in cashback, you'll effectively only be paying £999 for this device. Considering this is easily one of the best smartphones around, knocking the price below £1,000 is something to be excited about.

Samsung Galaxy A52 | SIM-free | £399 + £50 cashback
The above savings are great but for a lot of people, the Samsung S21 series is going to be a bit too expensive. If you're after something more budget, the 5G Samsung Galaxy A52 could be a great choice. It currently costs £399 and comes with £50 in cashback.

Samsung Galaxy A42 | SIM-free | £319 + £40 cashback
A cheaper alternative to the above Galaxy A52, the Samsung Galaxy A42 will only cost you £319. Along with that price, you'll also get £40 in cashback. That then brings your costs down to just £279 - a fantastic price for a handset like this with a pretty decent spec sheet onboard.

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