These are the four best SIM only deals available this weekend

This weekend is a great time to invest in a new SIM plan with a wealth of choices available to you. And while all of the networks have great options right now, four SIM only deals stand out.

These come from Vodafone, Three, Smarty and Voxi but the number 1 choice is from Three. It is providing an unlimited data 5G SIM plan for just £16 a month - the best overall value deal out there.

Or, if you would prefer another network, Vodafone also has a £16 a month SIM. And although it reduces your data cap down to just 60GB, it also throws in £30 in cashback, offering you an effective lower price.

Both of these deals are on 12 month contracts, if you wanted something shorter, Smarty could be your best choice. It uses 1-month rolling contracts and can get you 30GB of data for just £10 a month.

Smarty isn't a 5G network yet though. For a 1-month rolling contract on a 5G network, Voxi will be the way to go. Not only is it offering 15GB for £15 a month, you also get unlimited access to both social media and streaming apps.

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Three and unlimited data:

SIM only from Three | 12 month contract | Unlimited data | Unlimited calls and texts | £16 a month
This SIM plan appeared over Black Friday last year and since then has been dominating the market. It will only cost you £16 a month but for that price you get completely unlimited minutes, texts and data. Not only that but Three also offers 5G at no extra cost - perfect for the iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S21 and more.

No contract SIM from Smarty:

SIM only plan from Smarty | 1 month rolling | 30GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £10 per month
Smarty has rapidly become one of the most popular MVNOs in the UK and with good reason. It's affordable but also operates on 1-month rolling contracts. That allows you to leave at any time. Out of all of the plans available from Smarty, this 30GB for £10 a month option feels like the best choice and is going to be hard to find a better amount of data for this price.

Vodafone's cashback bargain SIM:

Vodafone SIM | 12-month contract | 60GB data | Unlimited texts and calls | £16 per month + £30 cashback
This Vodafone SIM stands out as the best option on this network and one of the best big data SIMs out there. For £16 a month, you get a huge 60GB of data plan and unlimited calls and texts. While that alone makes this a great offer, there is also £30 in automatic cashback on offer to lower the price.

Voxi's unlimited social media and streaming:

SIM only plan from Voxi | 1 month rolling | 15GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £15 per month
Voxi is a pretty unique SIM plan provider thanks to its unlimited scheme. Not only do you get unlimited calls and texts but also unlimited use of social media and streaming apps. This includes TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and more. That means you'll barely end up touching your 15GB of data!

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