Samsung to introduce a new ISOCELL sensor this week

Samsung has been in the news not just for its smartphones but also for the innovation it is bringing to the smartphone industry. The ISOCELL division of Samsung, which focuses on innovating around optics, has already introduced a 50-megapixel camera sensor and a 108-megapixel camera sensor recently. It is also working on various other camera modules – including a 200-megapixel and a 600-megapixel mobile camera sensor.

Once launched, these mobile camera sensors could basically change the way we shoot images using our mobile devices. In continuation to this, the ISOCELL team has announced that it will unveil a new mobile camera on June 10. And like other camera sensors, we can expect most upcoming mid-range Samsung devices to come equipped with this new sensor.

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Interestingly, the teaser shared online says “ISOCELL for Everyone” which hints that this new imaging sensor is targeted towards the affordable category of smartphones rather than the high-end flagship devices. It further states that it could be an “awesome camera” but stops just short of revealing any technical specifications at this point.

While we’re just days away from the official unveiling, reports suggest that Samsung could replace the 48-megapixel ISOCELL sensor found in various mid-range devices with a new <0.7μm 50-megapixel sensor. However, since most mid-range devices these days already come with a 48-megapixel or a 64- megapixel sensor, there is a probability that the company may debut an entirely new sensor.

It goes without saying that the new sensor will bring a lot of improvements to the table. With the introduction of this new sensor, we can expect upcoming mid-range devices to offer improved low light photography. It is also expected to come with key features like multi-pixel binning, improved auto-focus and HDR etc. though we will have to wait for the launch date for Samsung to divulge details.

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