Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus deals are fantastic this Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day sales can always be a bit hit or miss when it comes to smartphones, but luckily this year has paid off, especially for any Samsung fans after a new device. 

All three handsets from the Galaxy S21 range have made their way into the sale this year, but for most people, it's going to be the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus that will catch your attention.

In both the UK and the US, these devices have seen massive price reductions on both the 128GB and 256GB models. Plus, for all UK fans, you'll also be able to get up to £120 in cashback directly from Samsung, depending on which device you choose.

As the cheaper device of the two, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the handset that has most caught our attention. In the UK, the price has fallen to just £614, and for the US, $599.99.

Below we've rounded up all of the available Samsung Galaxy S21 deals, and the larger Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus deals from the Prime Day sales. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 deals US

Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB: at Amazon | SIM-free | $799.99 $599.99
This year's Amazon Prime Day sales is offering one of the largest discounts yet on the cheapest of the three Galaxy S21 devices. With this discount, you'll only pay $599.99. Considering the specs and features that come with this device, that's a brilliant offer. If you know you'll need more storage, the 256GB model is also down in price, currently only costing $649.99.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 128GB: at Amazon | SIM-free | $999.99 $699.99
Samsung's Galaxy S21 Plus falls in the middle of the brand's flagship range, offering a mix of the S21's affordability and the Ultra's size. In the Amazon Prime Day sales, you'll be able to get the device for just $749.99. That's less than the smaller Galaxy S21 cost on its launch and a pretty excellent saving. Like the above device, you can upgrade to the 256GB model at a reduced cost, currently only costing $799.99.

Samsung Galaxy S21 deals UK

Samsung Galaxy S21: at Amazon UK | SIM-free | £769 £614
The Samsung Galaxy S21 has seen a lot of price reductions since its launch, but this is one of the biggest. In the Prime Day sales, you can get the handset for just £614. That's a saving of £155, which when paired with some cheap SIM-only deals, will result in a price that beats out any tariff.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 128GB: at Amazon UK | SIM-free | £949 £754
The middle device of Samsung's S21 range frequently seems to get left out of sales in the UK but right now, the Galaxy S21 Plus is one of the best smartphone discounts of the Prime Day sales. You end up saving £195, leaving you only having to pay £754 for this handset. That just sneaks this under the original RRP of the regular Galaxy S21. The upgraded 256GB model will currently only cost you £794.

What's the Samsung Galaxy S21 range like?

Samsung Galaxy S21:
The cheapest of the three handsets in Samsung's flagship series, the S21 is a 5G handset at a price that rivals the iPhone 12 and is much cheaper than the S20 was on launch.

Despite that lower price tag, you're getting Samsung's new Exynos 2100 processor. That's a super-powerful chip powering Samsung's already impressive camera software and operating system.

The camera is an incremental upgrade on what the S20 provided, boosting the 8K video software, super steady video, and an improved 60fps 'Director's View'. Thanks to the new processor, the camera's AI software is working better than ever.

However, Samsung hasn't managed to improve the battery capacity, which could prove a problem with all of this new software.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus:
As with the other S21 devices, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is mostly an incremental upgrade over the S20 Plus, but with a few key improvements. However, despite these upgrades, the S21 Plus does adopt a more affordable RRP than its predecessor.

The most noticeable upgrade comes in the use of Samsung's new Exynos 2100 processor - an update that has been heavily advertised by Samsung. This new processor puts Samsung in direct competition with Apple's latest A14 Bionic chip.

This will mean better general performance on your phone and better battery maintenance, camera performance, and display performance. Alongside the introduction of this new processor, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus uses a larger battery at 4800mAh, a more up-to-date camera with improved camera AI and video quality, and has better security through Samsung's Knox program.

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