Realme to unveil a camera-centric flagship smartphone in July

The Realme GT is the brand’s performance-oriented flagship smartphone of the year. Today, the company announced that not only is it going global, but it will soon be joined a camera-centric sibling.

At the Realme 5G summit, CEO Madhav Sheth confirmed that the Realme GT will be available in Europe and some other markets in June, finally leaving the shores of China. While that will happen in the coming weeks itself, he also revealed that it won’t be alone.

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In July, the “Realme GT camera flagship” will be unveiled, making it the first premium photography-oriented smartphone since the Realme X3 SuperZoom from June 2020. No other details were shared, but Madhav did explain the positioning and rationale behind the move: “This will not only allow us to achieve technological breakthroughs but will also keep us ahead of the market.”

This step shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Realme announced a shift to a dual-flagship strategy in February of this year. It would include a smartphone that prioritizes gaming and other high-performance tasks and another that will focus on camera capabilities. The former ended up being the Realme GT.

It was also mentioned that one of them will opt for the latest chipsets from Qualcomm and the other will offer MediaTek processors. So unless there’s a change of plans, the Realme GT camera flagship will be powered by the MediaTek Dimensity platform.  

The name of the camera flagship has not been mentioned yet. Earlier, it was believed that the Realme GT will be the name of the performance flagship, but it now seems like it will be a series that will include both. 

What is still rather unclear is which chipset it will opt for. The top-of-the-line Snapdragon 888 and Dimensity 1200 are already present on the Realme GT and Realme GT Neo respectively. A repetition of either on the camera flagship could confuse the lineup even further, considering that the names and price points are also expected to be similar. 

While there’s little doubt that the camera-centric counterpart Realme GT will bring clearer photos, we hope it brings some clarity to the naming scheme too. 

Till then, who’s up for a Realme GT SuperZoom?

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