OnePlus might be working on a cryptocurrency wallet

When it comes to Blockchain, we’ve seen a few brands trying to incorporate the new-age tech to secure the communication happening through the phone or the data present on the phone. Similarly, cryptocurrency is another aspect that has gained massive momentum in the recent past.

Now that a lot of people are investing and trading in cryptocurrencies, it becomes obvious for smartphone makers to want to ride the wave as well. And the Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus, not wanting to be left behind, is reportedly looking for user feedback around crypto wallets.

A report by MySmartPrice says that OnePlus is currently engaging with its user base via a survey to get their feedback around cryptocurrency. The survey asks users questions about their investment in various currencies, different wallets or exchanges that are commonly used to access market rates and more.

The survey titled as, “OnePlus Blockchain Research” says, “as blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular, the OneLab team are curious to know how our community is engaged with blockchain-related activities.”

Some of the questions asked in the survey seek exact details like, how long have you been investing in cryptocurrency or how much money have you invested in cryptos. While questions like “on average how often do you check the price of cryptos and what trading platforms/apps do you use to invest in cryptos” try to assess how frequently their product could be used.

The survey also asks user feedback about certain wallets and exchanges and also asks various questions around NFTs.


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Is OnePlus developing  crypto wallet?

Now, this cannot be a random thought that a smartphone maker is all of a sudden interested in understating user habits just for knowledge. A lot of brands conduct similar surveys with the target audience to understand how the user reacts to certain scenarios or uses a certain product.

Needless to say, this is done to ensure the product they plan to launch meets the end-user requirements. And this means that either OnePlus is looking to build its own Crypto wallet or may even collaborate with a third party to offer a wallet pre-installed on future OnePlus phones.

Though in case you’re already excited about  Oneplus’s Crypto wallet based on this survey, you must remember that OnePlus conducted a similar survey asking for user feedback on the headphone jack. Though most users voted in favour of a headphone jack, the company went ahead and removed the headphone from its next phone. And the twitter survey was deleted for obvious reasons.

Also, OnePlus is not the only tech company that is experimenting with digital currency. We had Tesla accepting Bitcoins as a mode of payment for a brief time. Recently, Apple also had posted a job - Business Development Manager – Alternative Payments and was looking to hire someone to lead the Alternative Payments Partnerships initiative that includes cryptocurrency apart from digital wallets.

While we agree that cryptocurrencies will become mainstream soon even though a lot of governments are still opposing it, who knows, smartphone brands may pave the way for cryptocurrencies to go mainstream.

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