Get 5G and unlimited social media and streaming with Voxi's £15 SIM only deal

Voxi is a very unique network when it comes to SIM only deals. Like a lot of other providers, it has rolling contracts and the offer of 5G but its unique selling point helps it to really stand out.

Across almost all of its SIM plans, Voxi will offer up unlimited use of both social media and streaming apps. That means you can use Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Netflix, YouTube and more without touching your data.

While this is available on most Voxi plans, its 15GB of data for £15 a month deal is the best way to go. Like all of Voxi's other offers, you're getting 5G at no extra cost here.

And because Voxi operates on 1-month rolling contracts, you can leave at any time - perfect for when Black Friday rolls around. You can find out more about this SIM plan below.

Voxi's budget SIM only deal:

SIM only plan from Voxi | 1 month rolling | 15GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £15 per month
This is an all-round fantastic SIM plan. Not only does it offer you 15GB of data for £15 a month but you also get completely unlimited use of both social media and streaming apps. That means you won't eat into your data on Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and a host of other apps. Plus, this is a 5G-enabled SIM on a 1-month rolling contract meaning you can leave at any time.

Why choose a Voxi SIM only deal?

As we mentioned above, Voxi has a number of benefits that help it stand out. Most obviously is its 'endless' push. This includes endless use of social media apps (no matter what your data cap is), endless roaming in other countries, endless calls and texts, and endless flexibility (1-month rolling contracts).

On top of that, Voxi has recently started offering an endless video add-on. This applies in the same way as the social media option, giving you unlimited usage of YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, and more. You can pay an extra fee to get this or upgrade to a more expensive plan.

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