Battlegrounds Mobile India update has apparently fixed the 'China' issue

A recent report revealed that the Battlegrounds Mobile India game from Krafton was sending data over to a China Mobile Communications servers in Beijing. This was accompanied by Tencent-run Proxima Beta in Hong Kong along with Microsoft Azure servers located in the US, Mumbai, and Moscow. 

But now a new report from IGN India claims that after an update to Battlegrounds Mobile India this issue has been fixed. Previously just launching the game would ping a server in China.

The report now says that even after playing whole matches, Battlegrounds Mobile India is not pinging any servers in China that it was previously. It claims that even after clearing out the data of the game, it only pings the Proxima Beta server during a fresh login to the account. 

This is probably just to migrate the data from PUBG Mobile version of the game. Krafton is yet to make any comments on this particular issue. But this should come as relief to fans of Battlegrounds Mobile India who desperately want to prevent the game from being banned again. 

The ping logs of the initial version of the Early Access of the game saw it ping which was apparently owned by China Mobile Communications Corporation which is state owned website by China in Beijing. According to the report and the screenshots shared this server was not just pinged for the game but device data was being sent as well. 

Following these incidents, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on India’s Data Protection Bill and BJP Member of Parliament, Meenakshi Lekhi has asked MEITY "to look into it" in her tweet. While MEITY previously clarified that it can't ban a game before launch this new development along with pressure from other politicians might push it over the edge. 

But it yet to be seen how the politicians and the government react to the present changes made by the company to adhere to the regulations. 

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