Xbox Series X/S gets original Xbox-themed dynamic background

In a nice tribute to its first gaming console, Microsoft has released a brand new dynamic theme for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S that offers a huge hit of nostalgia for original Xbox fans, as spotted by The Verge's Tom Warren.

Simply dubbed 'The Original', the new theme brings back the classic green orb that adorned the OG Xbox's dashboard screen, complete with a green wireframe pattern surrounding it.

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In order to access 'The Original' dynamic background, you must first make sure your Xbox Series X or Series S has been updated with the latest firmware.

Then, simply head to the console's Settings app, then go to General and select the Personalization tile. 

Next, select the My background option and then enter the Dynamic backgrounds section. You'll find 'The Original' background at the end of the list.

In addition to the nostalgic background, Xbox's May update has also made Xbox Series X’s best feature even better, with Quick Resume now offering faster load times and the ability to see which games you have suspended at any given moment.

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