The iPhone 12 Mini is now free with a plan in this weekend's Verizon deals

This weekend's latest iPhone 12 Mini Verizon deals now mean you can bag the brand new flagship device for free with a new unlimited data line.

Available for a limited time only, and for new customers only with a number port-in, this is the first time we've seen this particular device go for 'free' without a trade.

Previously, the iPhone 12 Mini was only available for free via the carrier's 'buy-one get-one' promo or, in rare circumstances, a particularly good trade-in if you happened to have a really fancy phone to hand over. Subsequently, this is the best iPhone 12 Mini Verizon deal we've seen yet when it comes to outright value on a single device - despite being available for new customers only.

If you're a fan of smaller devices you're no doubt already interested in the excellent iPhone 12 Mini. If you're not familiar - don't discount it. While slightly smaller than its 12-series brethren it's every bit as powerful thanks to the Apple A14 chip hiding under the hood. The camera, screen, and overall design are also top-notch and make it pretty much the only 'smaller' device on the market right now to offer such features in a palm-friendly form factor.

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iPhone 12 Mini Verizon deals this weekend

Apple iPhone 12 Mini: free with a new unlimited data plan line at Verizon
Bag yourself one of the latest Apple flagships for free right now in the latest Verizon deals. No trade-ins are required here, simply a new line on an unlimited data plan. Note - this promotion is currently valid for new customers only as it needs a number port-in.

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Why switch to Verizon?

Verizon, of course, doesn't offer what you'd exactly define at cheap cell phone plans, but there are a few really good reasons to switch. Firstly, the carrier has one of the best 5G networks in the nation in terms of coverage and speed - with heaps of priority data that can't be throttled. Secondly, Verizon wireless plans feature some really fantastic bundled-in streaming service subscriptions like Hulu, EPSN+, and Disney+.

Subsequently, while Verizon's unlimited data plans are indeed pretty pricey, they offer quite a lot of added value each month - especially if you're a heavy user. With a device like the iPhone 12 Mini, you'll also be able to make full use of that speedy network too since it's a fully 5G compatible device.

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