Sony PlayStation 5 next restock date could be in June again

The Sony PlayStation 5 went for pre-order today for its third large scale restock in India on June 7, and surprisingly it seems like Sony will be doing something unprecedented when it comes to restocking consoles in India. 

According to a new report from IGN India, the next PS5 restock could happen in June 2021 again. This would be the first times ever that Sony has restocked its console in India, twice in the same month.

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According to the report, this is likely happening because Sony sees an upside with its consoles selling out within minutes in every round of pre-orders in India. And it could be ramping up on the competition with Xbox Series X which has been more liberally available. 

The PS5 Digital Edition was sparsely available on the ShopAtSC website and could be available more freely now along with the accessories like Pulse 3D Headset. The initial restock quantity of the PS5 was around 4,000 units according to industry estimates. This was apparently almost doubled in total in the subsequent restocks, and will be similar for the future restock as well.

According to previous reports, the stocks of PS5 that landed in India in April were not all made available during the May restock. Some of the stocks were apparently reserved to be made available at a later date due to the coronavirus second wave that has gripped the country.

June saw a bulkier restock compared to the previous one, because apparently, Sony does not want bad publicity regarding the release of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart which is a PS5 exclusive without sufficient consoles to play the game on. 

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