Samsung Galaxy S21 FE color leak shows fewer options than for the Galaxy S20 FE

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE launched in a wide range of colors, so you had the choice between many pastel and bold hues. However it sounds like the upcoming Galaxy S21 FE won't bring you this wide range of colors.

Sporadic leaker and analyst Ross Young tweeted letting us know the Galaxy S21 FE will enter production in July – that means we probably won't see the phone until likely August or September (which would line up with the S20 FE launch).

A subsequent tweet also gave us what are apparently the colors of the phone: white, gray, light green and light violet. That's a small list, compared to the S20 FE's navy, lavender, mint, red, white and orange, with fewer bold options.

What could they look like?

As the Samsung Galaxy S21 wasn't a huge design change from the Galaxy S20, we likewise wouldn't expect the S21 FE to be that much different than the S20 FE - though, apparently, the color choice will be limited.

Using complicated computer magic, we've created some rough knock-ups of what the Galaxy S21 FE could look like based on the S20 FE and the above colors, and you can see them below (well, the white one literally just is a picture of the white S20 FE).

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE color-changed

A light green phone (Image credit: Future)
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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE color-changed

A light violet phone (Image credit: Future)
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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE color-changed

A gray phone (Image credit: Future)
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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

A white phone (Image credit: Future)

Sure, that's not quite magic, but it gives an early – and very rough – impression as to what shades the S21 FE could come in.

For anything more solid (or real) we'll have to wait until much later in the year, when the phone is released. Hopefully the four listed colors won't be the only options to buy the phone in.

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