Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals have dropped to an all-new low price, from £25pm

You can always rely on Samsung to drop the price of its older handsets as time goes on. While Apple remains pretty stingy with any kind of discount on its iPhones, there is plenty of opportunity to save on Samsung's smartphones, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals are offering up some great prices right now.

Launched last October, both SIM-free costs and contract rates have been on a decline, and we've seen some great Three tariffs worth knowing about when it comes to this budget-friendly handset.

Whether you're after the 5G or 4G variant, there's an exceptional offer from just £25 a month for the aptly named 'fan edition' model.

For those wanting to benefit from the fastest mobile connectivity and some more powerful specs, you can get a 100GB plan directly with Three and pay just £26 a month and a small fee of £29 upfront.

No need for so much data? For £25 a month, get the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE loaded up with 30GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts. There is a £49 upfront cost, but you'll get all the same Three benefits, including Free Tethering and Go Roam.

Keep reading for all the details for both these S20 FE contracts, or why not check out the current best Samsung Galaxy S20 deals available?

The full lowdown for these top 2 Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals:

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G at Three | 100GB of data | Unlimited minutes & texts | 24 months | £29 upfront | £26 a month
Three is notorious for its great value large data contract deals and this Samsung Galaxy S20 FE offer is no different. Pay just £26 a month and £29 upfront on this 5G-ready model, benefitting from the fastest mobile connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE at Fonehouse | Three | 30GB of data | Unlimited minutes & texts | 24 months | £49 upfront | £25 a month
Can do without 5G and a few other advanced features? You can get the S20 FE 4G variant with a smaller - but still healthy - data allowance, all for a lower monthly rate, too. Pay £25 a month and £49 upfront on this equally exceptional value Three Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deal.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals: how does it differ from the S20?

With a substantial £300 difference between the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and Samsung Galaxy S20 at launch – and a further £100 for the 5G variant of the latter – it's not unreasonable to expect a handset that is largely underwhelming with its S20 tag to live up to. However, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE actually takes some of the key, more exciting features of the full-fat flagship and simply embodies these components in moderately cheaper shell.

Long story short: if you're here for the aesthetic, the S20 FE might not cut it. However, if a slightly more budget friendly handset with some flashy flagship features gets your blood pumping, the 'Fan Edition' is calling...

So what are those aforementioned features? Well, essentially 2020's S10 Lite, the S20 FE boasts that super-smooth, 120Hz refresh rate with Full HD+ resolution, as well as a powerful, top-tier processor, and a pretty nifty camera set-up.

Yep, under the hood you'll find the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, which offers a seriously impressive, snappy performance. Where the camera is concerned, the S20 FE has a triple camera lens set-up with excellent features like the S20's Night Mode, as well as Single Take utilising all three lenses to capture the very best snap.

Of course, as a more affordable variation of its older sibling, there are obviously drawbacks to the budget-friendly edition. When we gave it a whirl, we found the battery life didn't keep up with moderate to heavy usage, with juice draining tasks like gaming and taking photos using up a lot of power. As previously mentioned, its shell also leaves something left to be desired, with a lack of curves and a plastic back.

Still, we think those flagship features, including 5G, more than make up for the slight inconvenience of having to put the handset on charge every night. Plus, there are a total of six colour options to suit your tastes. Really, you're spoilt for choice.

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