Amazon's latest Xbox deals are offering digital games starting at $4.99

If your library is missing a few key releases from the last few years, Amazon's latest Xbox deals are here to save the day. You'll find a range of cheap Xbox games up for grabs right now, with big savings on digital download codes. With prices starting at just $4.99, those looking to bulk out their collection with some Xbox classics are in the right place. 

Battlefield V looks like the highest value pick here, at just $5.99, it's fallen a long way from its original $59.99 launch price. However, over the last few months, we have seen Xbox deals dropping this title down to $10 a lot more. Co-op fans will also be happy to hear that A Way Out is also included in this week's offers, dropping its $29.99 MSRP down to $5.99 as well. 

All of these cheap Xbox games are digital downloads, so you won't get a shiny new case to add to your shelf this time. However, many are still optimized for Xbox Series X, so you're getting some substantial additional value here as well. 

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Today's best cheap Xbox game deals

Need for Speed Payback: $19.99 $4.99 at Amazon
It may have launched back in 2017, but if you're missing Payback from your Xbox One collection, you'll want to jump on this $4.99 price at Amazon. We've seen this price jumping around quite considerably over the last few months, always returning to that $19.99 cost at some point, though.

A Way Out: $29.99 $5.99 at Amazon
If you missed out on this classic co-op multiplayer, this $5.99 price tag will be particularly appealing this week. This sales price was last spotted in April, but Xbox deals do usually put this back up to full price at the end of the discount period so we'd move fast. Not only that, but this title is enhanced for Xbox Series X as well.

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition: $39.99 $5.99 at Amazon
This is actually the lowest price we've seen on Battlefield 4 Premium Edition at Amazon, so if you're missing this installment from your collection you're getting a fantastic price here.

Battlefield V: $59.99 $5.99 at Amazon
Battlefield V has seen some excellent price drops over the last few months, but this week's cheap Xbox game deals can send you home with the digital version for just $5.99. That's a great deal on the latest release, with this version also including enhancements for Xbox Series X.

More Xbox deals

You'll also find plenty more cheap Xbox Game Pass prices to tide you over until the Xbox Series X stock drop. Plus, there are plenty more cheap game deals taking place this week. 

We're also expecting more discounts in the upcoming Amazon Prime Day deals and Memorial Day sales.

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