Xbox Series X restock: Best Buy restock time – get an alert for when to buy it

The Best Buy Xbox Series X restock date and time is expected to be today, April 23 at 12pm EDT – or soon after that time – according to Xbox Series X restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider. You can follow his Twitter account to get notifications on where and when Xbox Series X is back in stock. It's helped 15,000 people buy a next-gen console. We did see inventory at Microsoft and Amazon this week, while Antonline and Best Buy are expected to have next-gen consoles available to purchase later today. 

Matt Swider will send you an alert with advance notice – if you follow his account.

Our Xbox Series X restock alerts look like this (for example):

Xbox Series X restock matt swider

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There are two US stores that could have the console today, April 23. Antonline usually has the Microsoft console first – if it's going to do an Xbox drop (it promises a 'next-gen console every week'). We didn't see a Target or Walmart restock this week, but we have high hopes for a Best Buy restock today, Friday (an entire month since Best Buy last had console inventory).

You can get alerts on when and where the Xbox Series X is back in stock, with real-time updates through Matt Swider's Xbox restock Twitter tracker. Other stores that should have availability that he tracks include Antonline (which had an Xbox Series X restock two weeks ago, so this week), Newegg, Costco, Sam's Club and the official Microsoft Xbox store.

Best Buy Xbox Series X restock date and time

There hasn't been a Best Buy Xbox Serie X restock in a month as of today, and we expect the next-gen console drought to end for the electronics retail store. Our Xbox restock Twitter tracker will send out an alert when Best Buy is in stock.

What time will the Best Buy Xbox restock? We usually start looking at 12pm EDT / 11am CDT / 10am MDT / 9am PDT. We've seen Best Buy restock as late as 3:15pm EDT, but it's typically earlier with the three-hour time frame.


Antonline Xbox Series X restock date

  • Next restock date: One next-gen console restock today
  • Last Xbox Series X restock dates: Wednesday, April 7
  • Wait time: Online only, fast shipping (sells out quickly)
  • Follow our Twitter tracker to get alerts

The next Xbox Series X restock date may be at Antonline, even before Best Buy has an Xbox restock. Why? Because the US retailer is known for next-gen restocks every week, and it hasn't had any this week. There's a chance this could be a PS5 restock week, but we're not counting out a Microsoft console bundle just yet. It's overdue.

Antonline ships consoles fast and it doesn't play games with its add-to-cart button like other Xbox Series X restock locations do. This means you have about three minutes from the time Matt Swider sends his tweet to actually buy it.

Our last Antonline Xbox Series X restock alert from Wednesday, April 7:

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Walmart Xbox Series X restock date

The next Walmart Xbox Series X restock is expected to be next week, April 29, and that fits the US retailer's pattern of having waves of new Xbox every other week for one month, then taking the week off. The last Walmart Xbox restock date, on April 15, saw limited consoles on hand. 

Matt Swider always has information about the Walmart restock time nearly three hours ahead of orders opening up. When Walmart Xbox orders do get announced, they usually begin at 2:30pm EDT / 11:30am PDT, and the Walmart press release goes out on our Xbox Twitter tracker by noon EDT.

Here's what our Walmart Xbox stock alert looked like on March 22:

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Target Xbox Series X restock date

The next Target Xbox Series X restock date is likely to be next week, as the retail chain may be waiting to restock due to the fact that it's still building up more inventory. It's been over six weeks since that last Xbox drop at the retailer. We've seen a few stores build up small amounts of Xbox console inventory over that time, and so has leaker Jake Randall. Matt Swider will have early information on the Xbox restock situation next week.

Here's our Target Xbox Series X restock alert from Thursday, March 11:

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Amazon Xbox Series X restock date

We saw a surprise Xbox Series X restock at Amazon on Tuesday, March 23 at around 7:12pm EDT, and our restock tracker sent out an alert as soon as it happened. Even with that, the restock lasted just a few minutes for the Series X. Those who were able to order the Amazon Xbox Series X restock were persistent – it wasn't just about the speed of getting to the website. Another tactic used was adding the 'sold out' Xbox to your wish list, then add it to the cart. That's in case Amazon gave you an error message when trying to check out with the Xbox Series X.

Here's what our Amazon Xbox restock alert looked like on Wednesday, April 21

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GameStop Xbox Series X restock date

The next GameStop Xbox Series X restock is likely to be next week, as we usually see the game retailer wait a week to a week-and-a-half to restock the Microsoft console. It did have the Xbox Series X for sale through the Xbox All Access finance plan, but most people are looking for the standalone Xbox Series X or a tempting bundle.

Our Xbox Series X restock Twitter tracker alert for GameStop will look like this:

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Microsoft Xbox Series X restock date

The official Microsoft Xbox store used to have the Series X console back in stock on random days through the week, however, it sold out one minute, according to our restock Twitter tracker account. We haven't seen a restock in recent weeks, though. Is Microsoft allowing other retailers to sell its console, or is it building up inventory? We're going to keep watching and send alerts when Xbox Series X is in stock.

The secret: some people either cancel their orders midway through the process, or their credit card gets rejected, so do keep refreshing when we send out the Xbox restock alert. You may get lucky in scooping up a console that gets kicked back into the inventory system after five or fifteen minutes. 

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Costco Xbox Series X restock date

The Costco Xbox restock date, like Newegg, is always unpredictable, but we often see the console back in stock on weekdays during normal hours (unlike rival Sam's Club, which can be all over the place with times as late as 1am EDT). There's a barrier to entry here, which can be a really good thing for you: the Xbox stock is open to Costco members only. That slows down the pace at which people can buy the Xbox Series X, but also means... you have to be a paid Costco member. The last Costco Xbox restock was Tuesday, April 13, so expect to see more Microsoft inventory soon.

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