The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is free with a new plan at Verizon until Sunday

Those looking for 5G on a budget have got an incredibly compelling new choice this weekend courtesy of the latest Verizon deals - the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE - which is currently free at big red with a new unlimited data plan.

This sort of Verizon deal isn't too uncommon - we in fact see it on more 'budget' orientated devices all the time like the iPhone SE and Google Pixel 4a all the time. However, coming in at $699 at full retail price makes the Galaxy S20 FE probably the most expensive device Verizon has ever given away for free with this type of deal. With a superb camera, powerful processor, and 120Hz display, the Galaxy S20 FE might not be the latest Galaxy S21, but it's quite simply a cut above all the other free devices at Verizon right now - not to mention it's fully 5G capable.

Perhaps the closest equivalent to the 5G-equipped Galaxy S20 FE is the Google Pixel 4a 5G - which is going for $5 a month with a new plan right now. That's also a strong choice, but the S20 FE is coming in at $120 cheaper over the duration of a two-year plan, and it also has expandable storage - something the Pixel 4a lacks.

So, you're getting a ton of Android phone for the money here with this particular Verizon deal if you're looking for 5G on a budget. One thing we should add, however, is that this limited-time deal ends Sunday, so definitely don't hesitate if you're interested.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals at Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: free with a new unlimited plan at Verizon
The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a powerful 5G-capable device that could potentially be the best phone Verizon has ever given away for free with a new unlimited plan. While not the latest device, you're still getting a really top-end processor, expandable storage, a 120Hz screen, and even a beefy 4,500mAh battery.
Ends Sunday.

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