Xbox Series X restock: it's become harder to find in stock – where to actually buy it

Sunday update: Our Xbox Series X restock tracker has helped thousands of people get the Microsoft next-gen console, and it'll be back in stock this week. Where and when will Xbox Series X restock? We'll tweet about it as soon as it goes live.

It'll look like:

  • 2. Check for Xbox restock yourself – these are the 12 trusted stores

12 trusted Xbox Series X restock stores

Avoid buying this console through Twitter and online sources that you don't trust. Here's a list of 12 retailers we know are legitimate.

  1. Microsoft: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S – comes in an out of stock within seconds every few days
  2. Amazon: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S – always check for surprise stock
  3. GameStop: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S – last in stock Tuesday
  4. Walmart: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S – last in stock Thursday of last week
  5. Target: Xbox Series X |Xbox Series S – was in stock Thursday
  6. Best Buy: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S – last in stock last Friday
  7. B&H Photo: Xbox Series X and Series S
  8. Sam's Club: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S
  9. Newegg: Xbox Series X and Series S
  10. Costco: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S
  11. Adorama: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S
  12. Antonline: Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S

The Best Buy Xbox Series X restock didn't happen on Friday – it was limited to a PS5 restock late in the day. We're told that even that almost didn't happen. So the US retailer has at least inventory of the Microsoft console. It just didn't have enough in all of its warehouses to deploy. So Best Buy is a possibility for this upcoming Friday.

But the big Amazon Xbox Series X restock could come this week. Again, our sources are saying that 46,000 Sony consoles are being prepped, but American retailers like to launch both consoles at the same time. We've seen that from Walmart, Target and  GameStop with almost every restock. The latest Best Buy stock was the exception. 

We've had success: about 25% of our Xbox Series X Twitter tracker replies show they got the new console from our alerts. It's gotten easier over time as more people get the Sony system – there's slightly less pressure today than there was two weeks ago.

Our DMs are open to tips in case more people with inside knowledge want to clue everyone in on when to expect new console restock. We've gotten internal images from both Target and Best Buy in recent days.

Best Buy Xbox restock

Best Buy employees have sent TechRadar photos of their stockpile of Xbox Series X consoles – and they're saying the restock is going to launch soon. (Image credit: Best Buy employee)

It's important to point out that you won't be able to order from retail stores when we expect the Xbox restock. We don't want to be responsible for sending people to physical stores looking for an Xbox restock that doesn't exist for in-store purchase.

The Xbox restock pattern

The official Microsoft Xbox Store has had the most reliable Xbox Series X restock in the last week. But there our other US stores that have had restock recently: Walmart, Best Buy, Target, ANTonline and GameStop were the ones to check in early March.

The problem people are having is that stores like Walmart and Best Buy will initially come back in stock and sell out within seconds. They get turned off. However, with a few simple page refreshes, it may come back in stock.

American retailers release Xbox restock in short waves. Consumers are also likely to cancel their order midway through or their credit card gets denied and the inventory goes back into the system five minutes later. This is what extends restock and why we recommend being persistent.

Xbox Series X restock success stories

Through Twitter, we're tracking the next Xbox stock from 12 sources, and we've seen a few Xbox Series X consoles pop up over the last week and, even better news, high success rates for people who have been looking for restock for months. 

Even if you don't get to buy the console today, there may be a Xbox drop any one of the days in the upcoming week.

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