Xbox Series X is coming to Games The Shop, pre-orders going live soon

It can be said without a doubt that the launch and availability of Microsoft's Xbox Series X have been better compared to Sony's PlayStation 5 in India. And now the higher variant of Microsoft's newest gaming console is all set to be available on Games The Shop in India. 

Games The Shop has been a comparatively more reliable e retailer compared to some of the bigger names. The page for Xbox Series X on Games The Shop is currently live, and it says that the pre-orders for the console are set to begin soon. 

The Xbox Series X has been priced at Rs 49,990 in India. As for Games the Shop it has been more consistent and reliable in terms of pre-orders and does not take pre-orders on consoles it does not have. 

While the pre-order of the Xbox Series X is not live yet, you can be notified of when it does go live on the website. Games The Shop did not list the Xbox Series X until now when it is confirmed to get stocks unlike other retailers like Reliance Digital which listed the Series X but never got the stocks for it back in November of last year according to this report

This also indicates that the supply of the two Microsoft gaming consoles in India has become more steady, unlike the previous months. Microsoft promised to launch the new consoles at the same time worldwide and it delivered on that promise, and it was launched in India as well. 

And since the launch, the console has been made available frequently. Compared to this Sony launched the PlayStation 5 in India two and half months later than the global launch and it was not even available for a round of orders during launch day. users officially got their hands on the console only once which was during a pre-order round. 

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