Sony PS5 India restocks have been pushed to end of March

The Sony PlayStation 5 India launch has not been the most smooth. It launched two and half months after it did globally and there was only one round of pre-order where scalpers had a field day. The console has been available on and off since then. 

And Sony had hinted that the console would be back in stock in early March, which seems to have been negated now. Present news and info seem to suggest that those restock plans from Sony have been delayed and would only take place in the latter part of March. 

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PS5 India restock woes continue

Sony has apparently informed Indian retailers that the PS5 restock has been delayed to the end of March, according to this report by IGN India. There has apparently been a delay in the arrival of the PS5 shipment to India. 

According to this report, Sony apparently had a meeting on February 20 to plan for the coming quarter. And a couple of the agendas were to ensure enough PS5 stock along with PS4 stocks despite their recent price hike. 

Sony's sales team had informed retailers about the talking points of the meeting which led them to assume taking cash-deposits for future stocks. Sony on its part had updated the PS5 page on ShopatSC website from 'Out of Stock' to 'Notify me'. 

Sony has made it a point not to directly comment about restocks and reiterated its customers to get in touch with retailers for restock information. Sony even clamped down on the practice of retailers accepting cash-deposits for future stocks and condemned the practice. 

Recently, it even turned out that Sony autorised retailers were taking advantage of the situation in India and asking for marked up prices on the restocks coming in. Sony made a statement on this situation which read, "We have taken serious note of the feedback of our patrons that have been made on our social media handle and reportedly on other platforms. We  sincerely expect that the third party retail partners operate in compliance of the legal frame work of our country and follow ethical business practices. We have ‘zero tolerance policy’ for any practices that are inconsistent to the afore-said. We have taken steps, as deemed appropriate and available with company including but not limited to discontinuing our association with such channel partners."

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