Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1 Crimson Heist patch goes live today

Rainbow Six Siege is all set to get a new update which ushers in Year 6 Season 1 of the game to the main server. The new update is all set to go live today in different regions and platforms. 

Ubisoft has announced the patch size for the different platforms which specifies that the PC patch will be 58.9GB for HD textures and 33.2GB for non-HD. The download size for Xbox One would be 17.2GB while the download size for Xbox Series X would be 17.5GB. As for Sony consoles, the download size for the PlayStation 4 patch would be 23.5GB while the download size for PlayStation 5 would be 27.9GB. 

The patch is set to go live after one-hour of server downtime which would begin for PC at 6.30 PM IST. For Xbox users it would begin at 7.30 PM IST and for PlayStation it would be 8.30 PM.

The new update will be bringing the newest attacker to Team Rainbow who is known as Flores. Flores is a medium-speed, medium-armor Operator who will be equipped with a new kind of drone called the RCE-Ratero which is a drone that explodes like a C4. Though the potential kill radius was reduced from the initial level during its time on the test server.

In terms of new maps and reworks, the Border map is getting an overhaul, and one of the biggest changes would be the ambient audio. This means speakers will no longer blare out warnings. 

A new secondary weapon called the Gonne-6 is also being introduced which will take out bulletproof gadgets. Besides this a lot of other things are being added with this update which includes the Match Replay system. Some operators are being reworked to balance out the game among other changes. You can check out all the changes in our previous report here.

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