PUBG New State: Here are the new details about the game

PUBG New State is the latest game from Krafton that is set to make its way to Android and iOS devices soon. When Krafton announced the game they even dropped a teaser which showed a lot of neat new details. 

And now that the Google Play Store page for the game is live for pre-order people have started noticing a lot of new details that seems to make PUBG New State release even more exciting. 

PUBG tipster PlayerIGN has pushed out a video that happens to capture all these details. Here's a look at what we could make of those details. 

PUBG New State: All expected things 

New Map: Troi gets a birdeye view

One of the biggest things that people will notice is that new overarching look of the new 8x8 map Troi from the hotdrop perspective. This shows buildings that we have seen in the teaser as well as in the other teaser images. 

Bionic Arm

If you notice the images that were shared on the PUBG New State page you will notice that one of the characters has a bionic arm which may or may not have a blade attached to it. We see the player using this arm using a Pan as well as a firing a weapon. 

Mall drop location

One of the locations that has been highlighted in the teaser as well as the images is the Mall drop location which could very well turn out to be the new School. 

Green Flare Gun

While all Flare Guns in the present generation of PUBG games are red in colour, the one in PUBG New State seems to be green. Though we are not sure it will do the same things it does right now. 

Air-drop from drones

One of things that was noticed in the teaser itself are air-drops which are being brought by drones. These drones bring Yellow drops which may contain some futuristic weapons

New weapon upgrades

A couple of new weapon upgrades that were also noticed include a drum magazine for holding 50 bullets as well as an extended barrel for the Vector. 

New weapons

While most of the guns that we see in PUBG New State have been part of the game already, there are a few weapons that seem new. These might be futuristic weapons that will be available through crate drops. 

World destruction and animations

The world in PUBG New State may have a destructible element to it, and one of the proof that we have seen are a car door left hanging which is used as a shield and falls off when it has received too much damage. 

New vehicles

The vehicles of the game are futuristic to say the least and include electric one as well as some conventional ones. There is a futuristic bike as well as a chopper in the game and the buses on the roads seem to levitate and work on their own. 

Deployable shields

Deployable shields are also something we have seen in the game trailer and there's a look of the same in the images. This could just be a part of special skills for each player. 

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