PS5 restock: it'll be back in stock this week – where and when to get it

It's funny: PS5 restock is something everyone wants, but only about 3% of people who visit this page sign up for our console Twitter tracker restock alerts. Yet we've helped thousands of consumers who actually do sign up for notifications find the console of their choice. That's very good news for you and your desire to buy PS5 four months after launch. We're expecting restock this week, too.

It'll look like:

Why sign up for PS5 restock alerts? On average, we've seeing PS5 restock sell out in three minutes or less. Some retailers release it in waves to extend the time to buy to 30 or 45 minutes, but when the restock is all about speed, you have just three minutes. Seconds count.

PS5 restock retailers this week

There's an Amazon PS5 restock rumored to be happening this week, and we'll have the news about it in the coming days. We can tell you it won't be Tuesday at Amazon, so that just leaves three days for the restock window. We'll nail down the day and time soon and announce it on Twitter.

  • The Amazon restock will appear at

$499 PS5 Disc version at Amazon – in stock later this week
$399 PS5 Digital Edition at Amazon – in stock later this week

Full list of PS5 restock at trusted retailers

  1. Amazon: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition – due for a restock next week
  2. Best Buy: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition – just went out of stock Friday
  3. GameStop: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition – great source due to affordable bundles that stay in stock longer
  4. Walmart: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition – went out of stock last week, backordered
  5. Sony Direct: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition – went out of stock Wednesday
  6. Target: PS5 |PS5 Digital Edition – you are here
  7. B&H Photo: PS5 |PS5 Digital Edition
  8. Sam's Club: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition
  9. Newegg: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition
  10. Costco: PS5
  11. Adorama: PS5 
  12. Antonline: PS5 – good source of bundles

Important: Don't buy PS5 off of Twitter or other online sources that don't have fraud protection. The reliable dozen US stores above have had PS5 stock in the past.

PS5 restock time and date – it's not today

TechRadar has exclusively reported on multiple PS5 drops in the last two weeks, and next we have information that says Amazon has inventory for next week. We'll circle back with the Amazon PS5 restock time and date as soon as it's confirmed.

We're waiting to hear back from sources regarding inventory timing, however, we can tell you that 46,000 PlayStation 5 consoles are being prepped for an online order at

With the help of warehouse sources, we've gotten other PS5 inventory projections correct, including quantity, the time, and date of shipments.

Best Buy PS5 restock

Best Buy warehouse this week. Photo provided exclusively to TechRadar. Alterations have been made to protect the identity of our source. (Image credit: Best Buy employee)

Here's why the PS5 restock date and time is never set in stone at brick-and-mortar retail stores – and this may apply to Amazon, too: every warehouse that is due consoles needs to get them in first – and there needs to be enough of them distributed around the country. It's an inventory and logistic necessity, we're told.

Also, Amazon, like Best Buy, may not sell through its full inventory to consumers. Some consoles may be held in case someone comes back with a console that's defective. We're told that's rare, but it does happen, so there needs to be enough stock to remedy those issues in each store.

Amazon PS5 restock tips

Ordering PS5 at Amazon is difficult simply because everyone has their credit card information and address plugged into their account. Simply put, there's no time to waste given one-click ordering offered Amazon over other retailers in the US.

That's different from Best Buy, which has you wait on a page until you can actually place the order and re-hit the Add to cart button. It's all in an effort to beat the bots employed by PS5 scalpers.

PS5 restock help

Finding PS5 in stock is no easy feat, but we've made mistakes trying to buy the new console and, with lessons learned, we're here to offer PS5 restock help and advice on what to do – and what not to do.

PS5 restock

(Image credit: Future)

Don't be turned off by PS5 bundles that are based at face value, follow our PS4 restock Twitter tracker account, and make sure you have the right credit card.

It often takes people a full month of trying to get the console in order for them to 'secure the bag'. Persistence and luck are key to owning the Sony console. Even if it shouldn't be so difficult, it makes playing PlayStation 5 games more meaingful. 

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