PS5 restock date: Amazon, Target, Best Buy and other US stores – here's when

The next PS5 restock dates will be this week, according to our warehouse sources at various retailers in the US, and we're giving you a heads-up on where and when the PS5 will see new stock.

Specifically, our PS5 restock Twitter tracker is the fastest way to get alerts about the new console. Because it sells out in three minutes or less, push notifications are your best bet to finding it back in stock.

It has helped thousands of new PS5 buyers:

Our PS5 restock alerts look like:

PS5 restock date predictions

Amazon PS5 restock date: We got word that 46,000 PS5 consoles were scheduled for Thursday March 18. We don't suspect our sources were wrong – just that Amazon may have moved its PS5 restock date back. Meaning, it still has ample inventory, having last opened up orders for March 3 and mid-February before that.  We're eyeing 10am EDT everyday (like the last PS5 drop) and 3am EDT (midnight PDT in Seattle where Amazon is located when the prior PS5 restock happened in mid-February).

Again, we'll send an alert whenever there's new stock.

Target PS5 restock date: Thursday, March 25, could be the next PS5 drop, but that's far from confirmed. Target has consistently chosen mornings at 7:45am EDT. That's a rough restock time for the West coast of the US. Here's what we know: some Target stores have been able to get new inventory in advance of a PS5 restock this week. But not all store Target employees, our sources, we talked to have them in store. Shipments could arrive this week.

Best Buy PS5 restock date: For the last five weeks, we've seen Best Buy open orders for a PS5 restock. We think it's 50/50 for this Friday, March 26 based on the fact fact that Best Buy had fewer PS5 consoles on hand last Friday (PS5 Disc only, no Digital in the end) and it sold out very quickly (so less inventory). This could be a catch-up week, or maybe the US retailer will surprise us by opening orders for a sixth Friday in a row.

Walmart PS5 restock date: We don't think that Walmart will have a restock this week, at least not for the PlayStation 5. Walmart, the retailer retailer in the US, has confirmed that it will have an Xbox Series X restock on March 25 at 3pm EDT. While it could slip in some PS5 consoles, we seriously doubt it. It just had a restock and the shipment dates for those customers is slated for end of April (although the PS5 date does arrive sooner compared to what Walmart suggests initially). Next Thursday, April 1, is much more likely. 

GameStop PS5 restock date: Sometimes mid-week, we could see a big GameStop restock. We suspect this for two reasons: First, we haven't seen a major next-gen console restock at GameStop since March 9. It's overdue. Second, it likes to choose mid-week – at least that's been the pattern, usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Sometimes it's mid-afternoon and once recently it was at night.

Our PS5 restock Twitter tracker alert will look like:

Sony Direct PS5 restock date: Sony's official store for its PlayStation brand runs a novel lottery system, so as long as you jump into a virtual queue, you have an equal (randomized) chance of buying the console. We've seen it on sale a few times a week recently, usually late in the afternoon, but Sony has also skipped whole weeks when it's behind on shipments.

We'll let you know through our PS5 restock Twitter tracker.

Antonline PS5 restock: Once a week on average, we've seen a PS5 restock from the US retailer Antonline. It usually sells out in three minutes, but when it goes on sale, there are no waves or in stock/out of stock funny business. If you get our PS5 restock alerts, you have a shot – as long as you appreciate loaded bundles. It's than better than paying resellers.

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