New HTC Vive VR hardware could be on the way, according to this teaser

Could a new HTC Vive headset be on the way? Something fresh is certainly being teased over at the official HTC Vive Twitter account, after a few quiet months for the virtual reality brand.

The company has sent at a single image of a black plastic surface in close up, along with the HTC Vive logo, along with the words "It's your move":

There's little to go on, but the hidden nature of the complete picture suggests some sort of fresh hardware is on the way.

What could it HTC-be?

HTC has been keeping a low profile since the launch of its HTC Vive Cosmos and Vive Cosmos Elite early last year. The Vive team showed off an entry-level Cosmos build called the Cosmos Play, but it never saw a consumer release.

More likely for this tease, given the "move" mention, is a new tracking extension peripheral, improving movement tracking beyond the wand-style controllers that come with the headset.

What we'd love to see though is more from HTC's 'Project Proton' idea. It was looking like HTC's rival to the Oculus Quest 2 – two headsets, one a battery powered standalone, and the other a device powered by a phone or even a 5G stream. We're hoping to see some more from that concept in 2021, too.

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