Does Apple's resale value make iPhone deals the obvious choice?

Apple has a lot going for it as a brand. A great operating system, some of the market's most powerful processors, stylish designs, and a host of other features...but Apple's resale value is a factor that is rarely considered.

And yet, this is one of the best factors of buying a new iPhone, with all iPhone deals retaining their value far better than any other phone providers on the market these days.

That means when you finally get around to selling off your handset and buying a new one (if you've managed to keep it in one piece of course), an Apple handset will reward you with a much better return. 

Apple's value over time:

A study by the UK retailer MusicMagpie found that on average over a 12 month period, an Apple handset lost 43% of its value. While that sounds high, it put iPhones miles ahead of the competition.

Samsung and OnePlus came in with 64%, Google with 67%, and Huawei at 74%. In fact, Apple lost less value over a two-year period than any of the Android handsets did in a two-year range!

Value over time from Music Magpie's study
Apple Samsung OnePlus Google Huawei
12 month value loss 43% 64% 64% 67% 74%
24 month value loss 61% 76% 81% 79% 88%

Of course, these figures aren't going to perfectly sum up the state of affairs in the US, especially considering Huawei isn't sold in the States! However, when looking at US trade-in schemes and previous research, Apple once again seems to come out on top.

This isn't even a relatively new idea. Apple has come out as the best brand for resale value for years, offering great money back on the devices before the iPhone 8 had even been released.

But why does this matter?

In the grand scheme of factors to consider when buying a new phone, this seems pretty minuscule. And yet, when you come to sell your phone and you find yourself offered almost half of your money back, it will be one you'll be thankful for.

This by no means diminishes the benefits of an Android phone. There's more choice, they're often cheaper, more customisable and for a lot of people, will have a more satisfying operating just won't get the best return at the end of its life.

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