Crysis may be getting a battle-royale according to leaked footage

While the first Crysis game released back in the year 2007, it was soon followed up by a couple of successors. But the original one is the most revered one for setting itself as a benchmark and for being one of the biggest sources of gaming memes. The original game was released as Crysis Remastered last year with support for the newest technology. 

And now it seems like we could get a battle royale game from the Crysis universe. A leaked video seems to show what looks like a battle royale mode in an early build of the game. 

Previous leaks had indicated that Crytek was working on a battle royale game called Crysis Next, which was described as, "a free to play battle-royal game where 100s of players collide in fast paced combat. Visual customization, adaptive nanosuit powers, and visually spectacular combat in an immersive world creates the ultimate live streaming experience." That was apparently later cancelled, but Crytek renewed the Crysis Wars trademark recently and teamed up with SpatialOS, which indicates that it isn't dead yet.

The video was leaked on 4Chan which puts a big question on its credibility. The video itself is styled in the Halo 4 leak video from 2012. It shows an unnamed player playing the game with a zoomed-in shaky camera pointed at the screen. This with loud music playing in the background. 

The footage shows that the game is in the development stage because some of the textures are unfinished or missing and the colour palette for the player and the environment seems to be in mono-tones, browns and whites.

But it seems pretty evident that it is a battle royale game since at one point we can see the player parachuting onto the map. There also seems to be perks or weapons that players may choose. The player seems to be able to run, shoot and search crates. But it's hard to say how far along this game is in development. But in all, it's difficult to just ascertain that this really is a Crysis game from this footage. 

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