Call of Duty: Mobile gets ready to deploy Season 2

Activision has just announced that the new update hitting Call of Duty: Mobile servers next week will bring Season 2 to the game.  It has a lot of new additions to the game. 

The developers have released the patch notes for the upcoming update which lists all the changes and addition to the game. The new season will have new maps, weapons, and characters. 

Here's a look at what season 2 of Call of Duty: Mobile entails.

New maps: Shipment and Shoot House

The two new maps hitting the game this time are Shipment and Shoot House. The map Shipment was part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) and has been rewired for a mobile launch. 

While Shoot House looks like a practice ground which has been turned to a combat zone with real people and real guns taking part in combat. The video shows that indoor areas of the map which is a briefing room as well as a target practice zone. 

New weapons

The new weapons being introduced in the game with Season 2 include an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. While the devs have not mentioned the names of the two guns being added to the game yet, leaks suggest that it could be the AS Val Russian assault rifle and SP-R 208 Marksmen rifle. 

New Character: Ghost

The new character being added this time is Ghost from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It has been voiced by Jeff Leach and will have five variants which include Classic, Stealth, Hazmat, Cowboy, and Dark Vision. The five variant will essentially see the character change its costumes. 

New Scorestreak: Napalm

Besides these, there is a new Scorestreak being added to the game called Napalm. This Scorestreak will have an aircraft rain fire down upon enemies when called down by a player. This will act similar to firing the UAV. Players may be able to set a trajectory for this Scorestreak on the map.

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