Xbox restock: how to track the Xbox Series X on Twitter this weekend

This weekend, our Xbox restock Twitter tracker is working overtime to find the new Microsoft console in stock. The updates happen in real-time as soon as Walmart, Target and Best Buy update with new Xbox Series X stock for $499, and the same goes for the Xbox Series S starting at $399.

Miss it? Follow us on Twitter for all new Xbox restock notifications. That's the fastest method for us to do live updates of Microsoft console stock.

Finding Xbox Series X restock has been unpredictable since November 2020, with the console often out of stock within minutes of new inventory launching at all stores.

Twitter is where we've begun tracking Xbox Series X restock – along with just-as-hard-to-buy PS5 restock. Stores like GameStop don't give people much notice, and the console drops are gone within minutes if not seconds these days.

Xbox Series X restock stores in the US

Xbox Series S restock stores in the US

The Xbox Series X restock at GameStop on Wednesday was no different. The page launched, a few people were able to put it in their cart, while others had to refresh the page when the red button grayed out with the message "GameStop is adding new inventory." It's a case of try, try again.

We saw Microsoft's own official Xbox store Series X and Series S supply on Monday and Tuesday, however it sold out in about three minutes. That tells you the kind of competition there is for these next-gen consoles.

The Series X is supremely powerful and capable of 4K gaming, while the Series X is nearly as strong and comes in at $200 cheaper. That's a bargain compared to what resellers are charging.

We're tracking the Xbox Series X and S restocks on Twitter simply because inventory goes so quickly. Both Target and Amazon are heavily rumored to be launching new stock of consoles this week, but so far that hasn't come to fruition.

We track more than 12 American stores: Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy among them. So even if you don't get get this Xbox restock at GameStop today, there's always another store in the US that will have it in stock eventually

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