This Carphone Warehouse sale has cheap iPhone 12 and Samsung S21 Plus deals

Whether you're an Android or Apple fan, a recent flash sale from Carphone Warehouse could have the perfect new tariff for you, offering up discounts on top-tier Apple and Samsung handsets.

Until March 2, Carphone Warehouse has some bargain prices on iPhone 12 deals and the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus deals, plus promotions on the iPhone 11, SE, iPhone 12 mini, Samsung Galaxy A71 and more.

The majority of these offers land on iD Mobile - Carphone Warehouse's own network. While this means some incredibly cheap bills, iD Mobile is currently a 4G only network. That means 5G handsets like the S21 Plus or iPhone 12 mini won't be able to access their 5G features.

This shouldn't realistically be a problem because: a) 5G isn't really that readily available on any network yet and b) iD Mobile will likely release their 5G networks in 2021.

We've picked out the best offers from this sale below or you can head straight to Carphone to see them in full.

Samsung and iPhone deals from Carphone's sale:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus: at Carphone Warehouse | iD Mobile | £79.99 upfront | 20GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £39.99pm
The S21 Plus is still a very new handset which makes this price from Carphone Warehouse very impressive. You do have to pay £79.99 upfront but then you're left with monthly bills of £39.99. For that price you're getting 20GB of data on the iD Mobile network.

iPhone 12: at Carphone Warehouse | iD Mobile |  £99.99 upfront | 20GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £36.99pm
If it's Apple's latest that you're after, this offer is an excellent one to go for. It will only cost you £99.99 upfront and then £36.99 a month. That works out as one of the cheapest iPhone 12 deals on the market (if you don't mind the lack of 5G of course). For that price, you're securing 20GB of data.

iPhone 12 mini: at Carphone Warehouse | iD Mobile |  £49.99 upfront | 20GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £32.99pm
While the iPhone 12 offer is above is great, it might be too expensive for some or even too big of a handset! That's where the iPhone 12 mini steps in. The price drops down to just £49.99 upfront and £32.99 a month. Your data cap stays at 20GB but that will still be plenty for most people's monthly needs.

iPhone 11: at Carphone Warehouse | Vodafone | £99 upfront | 25GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £31pm
This is the one offer from Carphone's flash sale that isn't on the iD Mobile network and instead falls on the Vodafone network. You're paying £99 upfront and £31 a month while securing 25GB of data. As far as Vodafone iPhone 11 deals go, this is one of the best ones we've seen for a while.

iPhone SE: at Carphone Warehouse | iD Mobile |  £9.99 upfront | 20GB data, minutes and texts | £23.99pm
For anyone looking for Apple on a low budget, the iPhone SE is going to be an obvious choice. With this tariff, you're only having to pay £23.99 a month and then upfront, £9.99. That price secures you 20GB of data. Looking through our iPhone SE deals guide, you'll see this is one of the cheapest options around, especially for this much data.

Samsung Galaxy A71: at Carphone Warehouse | iD Mobile | FREE upfront | 20GB data | unlimited minutes and texts | £24.99pm
Like the iPhone SE, this is a contract that is going to best suit someone on a budget. It costs £24.99 a month and absolutely nothing upfront while securing you 20GB of data. That's a great price for Samsung, with most of its other best devices costing a lot more than this.

Who is Carphone Warehouse?

Carphone Warehouse is easily one of the best-known retailers in the UK and although it no longer has its high street stores, it has committed to its online services.

Looking past the cheap prices the brand is offering above, there are a number of factors that help Carphone stand out. It offers up to £400 when you trade in for new phones, free next day delivery and more. And if you're unsure how to change your new number of set up your new device, Carphone will help you out there too.

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