This bargain Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deal will effectively cost you just £26/pm

While the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the brand's shiny new option, it comes with bills that are going to feel far too high for many. If you're in that boat, looking for Samsung on a budget, a pair of offers on the S20 FE could be your perfect option. 

If 5G isn't a feature you're desperately interested in, the retailer Fonehouse has one of the cheapest prices around on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals. It starts off with a price of just £34 a month for 100GB of data.

While that alone is quite a strong offering, it gets better thanks to a cashback plan available. If you buy this contract, Fonehouse will throw in £192 in cashback by redemption, effectively bringing your bills all the way down to just £26 a month.

If 5G is a factor you know you can't live without, Fonehouse has an offer for you as well. It drops your data plan down to 30GB 

These cheap Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals in full:

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: at Fonehouse | Three | FREE upfront | 100GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £34pm + £192 cashback by redemption
The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is already an affordable handset, this deal just makes it even more affordable. You'll pay only £34 a month and nothing upfront for 100GB of data on the S20 FE. While that alone makes this quite a strong offering, it gets better with the addition of £192 in cashback by redemption, effectively knocking your bills all the way down to just £26 a month.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G: at Fonehouse | Three | £19 upfront | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £35pm
While the above offer works out at a very low price, it does lack the 5G aspect of the handset and some of the higher-end specs. If that's something you don't want to miss out on, then this deal is going to be the better option. It costs £19 upfront and £35 a month for 30GB of data.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals: what's it like to use?

With a substantial £300 difference between the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and Samsung Galaxy S20 – and a further £100 for the 5G variant of the latter – it's not unreasonable to expect a handset that is largely underwhelming with its S20 tag to live up to. However, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE actually takes some of the key, more exciting features of the full-fat flagship and simply embodies these components in a moderately cheaper shell.

Long story short: if you're here for the aesthetic, the S20 FE might not cut it. However, if a slightly more budget-friendly handset with some high-end features gets your blood pumping, the 'Fan Edition' is calling...

So what are those aforementioned features? Well, the S20 FE boasts that super-smooth, 120Hz refresh rate with Full HD+ resolution, as well as a powerful, top-tier processor, and a pretty nifty camera set-up.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

(Image credit: Srivatsa Ramesh)

Yep, under the hood, you'll find the Exynos 990 chipset, which offers a seriously impressive, snappy performance. Where the camera is concerned, the S20 FE has a triple camera lens set-up with excellent features like the S20's Night Mode, as well as Single Take utilising all three lenses to capture the very best snap.

Compare it to the S21 and it falls short in most categories. The processor is weaker, the camera set-up isn't quite as impressive and although they utilise similar bodies and displays, the S21 has better technology inside to power the screen.

However, considering it is so much cheaper than either the S20 or S21, it seems like an obvious choice for many.

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