Some PS5 DualSense controllers are exhibiting the dreaded stick drift problem

A number of PS5 DualSense controllers are reportedly exhibiting stick drift issues, which is where the analog stick detects subtle directional inputs, even when there aren’t any. This results in your onscreen crosshair or character moving on its own, and it’s extremely annoying.

It turns out that PS5 owners are now reporting that the DualSense controller is also susceptible to the issue, with one user saying the problem occurred after 10 days of receiving their console. Another user uploaded a 15-second clip of Destiny 2 to Reddit, which shows their crosshair moving completely on its own. 

Stick drift has become a more prominent problem in recent years, with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con in particular being lambasted for what is undoubtedly a frustrating issue. It’s even led to multiple lawsuits, one from a child, and a formal apology from Nintendo.

Microsoft’s Xbox One controller has also been the subject of legal action due to stick drift, with one angry gamer filing a class action lawsuit over the alleged defect. 

So what can you do if your PS5 DualSense controller suffers from the dreaded stick drift? Well, the first option is to send your controller to Sony for a repair as it’s thankfully covered under warranty. But as Kotaku reports, this can be a long-winded and rather arduous process – you’ll have to pay for shipping, too.

Stick with it

Negating the issue is far more difficult, however, and ultimately boils down to the fact everyone holds and uses a controller slightly differently. Some players will be rougher than others with their inputs, and some might simply end up with a controller that isn’t quite as durable as it should be. This can make determining whether the problem is an actual hardware defect difficult, then. 

While the PS5 owners on TechRadar team haven’t experienced the issue as of writing, we’ll be keeping an eye on whether the stick drift issue becomes more prominent as more PS5.

We've contacted Sony for comment and will update this article should we hear more. 

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