Redmi Note 10 series confirmed to feature Snapdragon chipsets

As expected, additional information about the Redmi Note 10 series has been surfacing over the last few days as we approach the launch. Today’s development confirms Snapdragon chipsets for all the devices in the family.

The Redmi Note 10, Note 10 Pro and Note 10 Pro Max will make their global debut in India on March 4. Launching exactly a year after their predecessor, the smartphones are poised to bring significant upgrades in many aspects. Keeping the pre-launch hype high, Redmi has shared information about the platform these devices will be based on.

In a Twitter post, Qualcomm’s India’s Rajen Vagadia confirmed that the entire upcoming Redmi Note 10 series will be powered by Snapdragon processors. Xiaomi’s Manu Kumar Jain further added that these will be the “best mid-premium processors of 2021”.

While specific details around which exact chipset will be used were not shared, we can make a few educated guesses to join the dots. Firstly, the lack of 5G branding on all the material suggests that the Redmi Note 10 family will be 4G-only. The mention of mid-premium processors is a reference to the Snapdragon 7 series of processors. The latest and best chipset to fulfil these criteria is the Snapdragon 732G — a gaming SoC that has been exclusive to the Poco X3 till now. It would make sense for another Xiaomi company to get access to this component.

If not, then we could see the debut of an entirely new platform on the Redmi Note 10 series. Considering how the Redmi Note is amongst the best-selling smartphones in the world, that can’t be ruled out. 

Last year’s entire Redmi Note 9 family was powered by the same Snapdragon 720G processor. It’s unclear right now whether the same chipset will feature in the entire family, or if the cheaper members will opt for a different package.

Other confirmed specifications include an AMOLED display, bigger batteries with faster 33W charging, a new design language and more. With the launch being just a week away, we should soon get some hints on the camera and other remaining features.

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